So Circa/Rollabind users what is your favorite paper to use? Any colorful choices?

I've been using HP 32lb laser paper and it is wonderful: smooth and heavy duty feeling, but . . . don't laugh . . . I HATE how bright white it is. Its shiny sanitary whiteness stares me down. I'd love to hear what type of paper you love, do you have any cream, tan or colorful papers you like?

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Laser paper is problematic

Laser paper is problematic for fountain pens, in my experience, depending on the ink. I find inkjet paper to be less problematic, but I do love the shiny white, myself, if it did not cause smears with fountain pen ink.
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Wausau Astrobrights

Office Depot carries it. Nice 24# stock in lots of colors
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I went to a soft gray colored paper

Precisely because of your reason. I'm using Office Max 24# Gray Granite paper for laser, ink jet and copier. It's also 50% recycled. I use a fountain pen daily, and it works really well, no smudges, or what I call "Scattering" where the ink sort of expands on the paper, and letters end up looking prickly.

RE: Office Depot 24#

I use the 24# stock at Office Depot for my planner pages. I use classic size and slice the standard in half before printing. I'm not a big fountain pen user but a quality pencil geek so I find this paper to be heavy enough to hold up for planner and archive use while still begin clean enough for a good pencil.

You can get this in different colors if you like. I use white for my planner pages but have used the cream and granite pages for other things like project lists/



Personally I love the super uber white smoothness of the paper you describe. :)

When I made my weekdate planner the other day, though, I forgot to use it :)

Oh well.

For other things, I like the astrobrights.


I like to make mine pretty

As I'm sure I've mentioned in other posts, I give all of my DIY projects plenty of visual interest so I'll use them. What I like to do is go through my pictures and the great background clipart that comes with my Print Shop and size them to fill an entire page. I bring the tint down to 30% (you can do this via the watermark feature on Word and I'm sure Open Office) and print lines on the paper using a table or just plain lines. This keeps the sanitary starkness down for me and also creates the visual interest I need to keep me coming back.