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hofy requested this template, something like this may already exist, but it was easier and faster to just create it rather than search for it. See if it helps you keep your passwords on paper.

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I left it as a Word file so that anyone can change it to suit themselves.

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Not a great idea

My hint for anyone who wants to keep a list of apsswords is to either use a program (such as Keepassx) or if they absolutely MUST write them down, to not write down the real password, but something that will help you remember the real one. You can re-use passwords on more than one site if you can't remember the 10,000 passwords that you have accumulated up till now (who can, really...). A good way to remember your password is to pick a word (eg. password), then to add some capitals (PassWord), change some letters to numbers (PassW0rd), then add some special characters (Pas$W0rd!). Now you have a relatively secure password that is easy to remember and dificult to crack.

Hope this helps some people out.