Home Depot Heads Up (Poor Man's Circa?)

We went to Home Depot today to get supplies for a couple of projects. We were looking in the paint aisles, and saw a large display of paint chips. On the side of the display, there were a bunch of plastic rings...about an inch in diameter. Basically, the intention is to select a number of paint samples, then use the ring and holes in the chips to make a paint sample collection...of course, my mind instantly went to uses of the planner variety. The rings seem like a good introduction to Circa systems.

Of course, I grabbed a few to try out.

We then went to the Kitchen section. We were looking at countertop materials in a display, and I noticed the samples of Formica. I'm used to seeing the small samples...about 1" by 1.5". However, they had larger samples, too...about 3.25" by 5". My mind again snapped to planner uses. I figure they can be used to make a pretty nice cover for a hipster PDA.

I thought I'd let everyone know about these finds...I'm looking forward to hacking them!

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I was off on the size

I just checked...the rings are about 3/4" inside diameter. Still, the price is definitely right!

Any pictures?

Do you have any photos you can share of your finds? This sounds promising!

Let me see

if my camera will comply. If so, I'll post some tomorrow.