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I've borrowed from some existing templates to create two daily planners - one for intensive 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. appointment scheduling combined with those daily tasks, lists, workouts, intake monitors, etc. and another for a less appointment, more activity-based schedule. The second still has room for a few appointments as well as directions to those appointments, but includes more intensive to do and to buy lists. All of this can be tweaked to fit your needs using the Ctrl+F method of replacing a word or phrase with one more appropriate to your lifestyle. It works well in letter or A4. Each file contains the whole month of January, but a Ctrl+F can replace the month and the dates and days can be changed quickly manually. The No Weekly planner is my favorite and shows my progress with mirroring pages to allow more room on the page and room for the hole puncher to not cut into text.

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I use the one with hourly scheduling for days when I'm buried in appointments and want to make sure I still get to the dry cleaner's and pick up those groceries without neglecting my workout. The other is great for ordinary usage, making it to the gym and a doctor's appointment on an errand-filled day, etc.

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This is really nice and with some minor changes I can use this right away! Thanks!