Was it just my network or did the site bounce ?

I have had trouble getting at the site for the last 2 hours or so.

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The site is usually slow for

The site is usually slow for me, but it was on Lifehacker earlier today...


six hours or so


It was up and down for me over about six hours starting in early afternoon.


I've been having trouble too

This site is usually super fast for me but it has been snail pace lately. I was so happy when I finally got on.

Bad again today!

Takes forever for any page on this site to load...or gives up before it actually loads. It's been a bit slow lately, but yesterday and today are too much. Something must be wrong.


It is generally slow for me too, but it has been uncommonly so for the past several days. :^( I'm able to get on, but it takes a while for everything to load.


Has been dog slow for the past two days. Before that, it was relatively speedy...