Do 1 inch discs work ok in regular Levenger folios?

I got a couple of folios from the Levenger outlet over the last couple of months. I have finally figured out how to cover the monograms that are on their covers and am ready to use them. Levengers site says to use 3/4 inch discs in their regular folios but the 3/4 discs are a little small for my liking. Has anyone had success with 1 inch discs in their Levenger folio? Does that size put too much stress on the folio? Thanks in advance for your help : )

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1" Discs work fine

I had the same concern when I ordered my Bomber Jacket Junior Zip Folio from Levenger. The 1" discs fit just fine for me, no extra stress on the inside or outside. I might even try the 1 1/2" discs (when they get here), but I imagine they will be really tight...


They work fine

in both my junior and letter size zip folios.


I am so glad they work. Why I need so much unused paper in a notebook is beyond me, but I love knowing the paper is at my fingertips.

monograms on levenger products

How did you cover the monogram?

I haven't yet . . .

Someone on here suggested buying brass name plates. I found a ton of sellers on ebay that sell them for under $5 shipped. I am waiting on one last monogrammed item and then I'm going to order all my plates at once. I just want to measure the area needed to be covered on that last foldover before ordering.