Hello, I'm looking or help and advice

Hello everyone. Am I pleased to find this site! I am looking for some help in getting better organised and I hope you can help me.

Firstly some background. I run two businesses as well as a home (no children). I work mainly from home, but do go out to visit customers and to train delegates in my main business (business writing). I've managed to get through life with few organisational tools because I always had a good memory, but I find myself forgetting things and it is really affecting my business and personal life. I now get very overwhelmed with tasks (I still have a good sense of where I want to take my businesses, but lack the planning!).

What I am looking for is a method for managing my life. However I've read all the books available and find a lot of system just too complex. In addition I am quite visual, and huge numbers of lists just get left unread! I need a method of recording my tasks and projects, and a method of reviewing them and slotting them into some sort of schedule so I am back in control. Even my accounts are way behind - I know if I did a bit of them regularly it would not be such a marathon, but I can't seem to get myself into a way of working that does this. My email inbox is far too large - I tend to leave things there until I need them, then forget about what I have agreed to do!

Can you help with some suggestions please? Should I keep separate lists for each business and personal, separate project lists for each customer? How can I make sure I look at them and schedule in the tasks? Can you suggest a nice simple way of managing all this?

I'm happy to supply more info as required. I work at a laptop most of the time, but don't want to be too tied to it as I need to use it less! I use an iphone but have never got to grips with using a technological solution (although I do sync it with my laptop for appointments and contact details etc.) I am OK with appointments and contact details, it's mainly tasks and planning I struggle with.

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Maybe a little help

I'm clearly not anywhere near as busy as you, but I can offer a little bit of advice.

I'm also very visual. I've mentioned this several times on this site, but since you're new I'll mention it again. :^) Because I am very visual, I find myself neglecting to look at things just as you appear to have done. What I do is make sure all my planning things are visually stimulating. I put all kinds of pictures and backgrounds on every page of my DIY planner and the organizational manuscripts for my novels (without it looking too busy)so I'll keep coming back to it. If it's visually pleasing to me, it makes me feel more comfortable using it, so I'll use it. It might sound silly, but it worked for me. It's the only thing that has made me use planning tools. For years, I'd buy a ready-made planner and never use it because there was nothing to hold my interest. It wasn't really what I needed and had nothing to do with the things I needed to keep track of.

As far as keeping lists, I'd certainly divide up your task lists into each business and personal, but I'd try to keep them in the same general area. I'm sure there are some templates on this site that are two-page-per-day planner pages, because you'll clearly need plenty of writing space. Also the Chaos template on this site looks like it'd be great for such a busy schedule. It should be in the template directory and there's also a thread in the Template request forum.

Thanks for the advice - it

Thanks for the advice - it makes a lot of sense to make the notebook/planner/pages appeal visually! I feel a bit paralysed with all this so I think I just need to dive in and get started. I think the problem is probably not so much making lists of things to do, but what I do after that - i.e. making sure I keep them in view, and actually doing some planning. Any help with that would be much appreciated.