Is there a Letter Planner with place for photos or photo watermark?

Newbie here! Finally a way to find what I need in a planner!!!! I just am looking for one that has a palce for photos or able to have a watermark...anything like this out there? I love the Middle Way! Exactly what I'm looking for, just want to personalize it a little on the right-hand side!! Thanks!

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Roll Your Own!

If you create your own planner pages from the templates (using Open, you can easily add a layer with art, put that in back, and you have your watermark.

You can do the same with any of the templates in the directory that are not in pdf form.

Maybe ygor will work a "place background image" in a future version of the dynamic templates.


That's basically what I do

only slightly different. I make pages in Print Shop that are just the background images with a 30% tint. I print those out, then print my planner pages on the same pages. Works pretty well for me, and it's the best method I've found to give the DIY templates some color. :^)

Many Thanks!

Great ideas! I just need to get into the templates and play around, I guess! So many things to review and I'm having so much fun with this site,but still much to learn about the templates! I love the Middle Way, but I am still trying to figure out how to use the template set up....

Thanks for all of your help!

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