Do red Circa discs match the red foldover leather?

There are no pictures on of the actual red discs. I am waiting on a red leather foldover from the Levenger outlet and am curious if the red discs would match it? Reds are hard, so often different shades of red clash . . .

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The reds don't clash...however...

It depends on how sensitive you are to tonal differences, but the red discs are a smidge brighter. It probably doesn't help that I'm using a red levenger cover that's seen its share of wear (it's just a bit grimy). But no garish clashing, imho.

Yes, the red leather will

Yes, the red leather will show a seasoned look after some use, but that's good!

I still like the black discs best. Black doesn't show up dirt or wear and tear, e.g., scratches, unless you look closely.

Besides, the black discs against the black border of my red foldover is a nice match.