Where to get 3 X 5 cards and Accessories

Some thoughts on 3x5 availability in Portland OR, as I have been changing from my beloved Franklin compact to a hipster and have been trailing dreams through the 3 major Office supply stores.
Staples in Tualatin was clearing a passport holder with 3x5 index cards that fits a standard passport, and includes a pen loop and business card holder. 3.5 x 5.75. Brand is M by Staples, called a note jotter. Item #/Article No.746293. This is big enough to hold index cards for notetaking and has a pocket on the outside that holds some 3x3 post-it notes. Makes a great inbox. Comes with 3x5 cards lined portrait instead of the usual landscape. However only the usual 3x5 cards, no blank ones and nothing else fun that I saw in this Staples. (noteholder was in clearance but would probably be in with biz card holders and such. This Staples had a few rolla products in with the journals.
Office Max on McLoughlin in Milwaukie/Oak Grove has a wonderful selection of 3x5 and 4x6 products. Mead Ring dex with 4 colors of cards, rings, front and back covers and 2 tabs for $2.59. OM also had notebooks for 3x5's, the box that someone was looking for that holds the 3x5 cards,andthey have blank cards. I did not see vertically lined 3x5's. The hole in the ring dex is slightly smaller than regular punches so I will try a craft or scrapbooking store for one of those. They also had 2 different adjustable punches that you could buy replacement punches for (or add another hole in). These were reasonably priced at 10-14 dollars. One was office Max brand and the other was swingline or other common brand (it had a variety of holes for adjustments while the office max brand had a slider arrangement,neither of these were on display had to look through boxes and read a lot).
Office Depot in Wilsonville had Oxford Padded index cards, ruled tear off cards Item no. 006351. Vertically ruled 100 to a pad for looks like 75cents each. They had book mark 3x5's also.
Well, all the info I have right now. I hope you are all enjoying planning the New Year. I hope to catch up by chinese new year (lol). Star.

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Vertically ruled 3x5's

The way I get vertically ruled 3x5's is to buy horizontally ruled 5x8's and cut them to size with a guillotine. You get two 3x5's per card, plus a little bonus bookmark!

P.S. - There's not enough room for two office supply hunters in Oregon, so kindly move somewhere else :-) Well, I guess I'm far enough south of you to allow some overlap. Just stay out of Salem & Eugene :-p


office supplies

Dear Jim,
There is always Grahams in Lake Oswego, Canby and Oregon City.
Great independent stationary store.
I can spend $.79 a pack on 3x5's or $60+ for a good cutter.
Unless I luck into one at a thrift store I'll have to settle for buying the cards.
Always room for Great tips on office supply and I almost never get to Salem any more.
Have a great week.

The Staples M brand index

The Staples M brand index cards are nice, I picked up three or four packs on clearance for $.99 each. They are a lot thicker than standard index cards. The jotter is nice, too. I should have bought it when I had the chance...they have been discontinued. Same for the cards.

I also like the Mead ringdex cards, they are better quality than the usual Mead index cards.

If you can find them, the ones made by Roaring Spring are nice. They are smooth and take ink well without feathering. Usually they are only carried by college bookstores.

Ringdex at Big Lots

Just picked up a Mead Ringdex (with 80 cards) for $2 at Big Lots. Hope this doesn't mean they are discontinuing them.