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Happy New Year, Friends!

I note three "Journal" forms in the templates. One is "Journal," the second is "Journal" with one ruled box at the top, and the third is "Journal" with a ruled box and a gray box at the top. Would you tell me what is the purpose of the "Journal" form, and what use does one make of the ruled box and the gray boxes at the top of those forms? Glad of your help.

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Hello Steve, A journal is simply a daily record of events, thoughts, feelings etc generally at a private and personal level. A diary if you like. You can also keep a work related journal, a grief journal, a medical journal, a travel journal and so on. You can even sketch in them if you like. Just make it meaningful to you

As for the various forms and not meaning to sound trite, use them as you like. Maybe record the date in one of the boxes, the weather maybe, anniversaries and so on. Most of the forms that people upload have usage notes so check those for the forms you have identified.

Bob H.