Weekly Calendar 2up dynamic

I've written a small program to create a Weekly 2up calendar.

Should work for all paper sizes.

Usage advice: 

Just select start and end dates (the program always uses the whole week), set the papersize and margins to your needs and print it out.

[ADMIN NOTE]: This software is DonationWare

Paper size: 
Public Domain
Applications required: 
.Net 2.0
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Sunday start for us Americans?

I don't get back here to DIY Planner too often anymore, but I do poke around now and then, and I just stumbled upon your great program. I love this particular format, and it is one ygor's Dynamic Templates still doesn't recreate, so this is a fantastic find!

That said, is there any chance of seeing a version (or an option in this version) to have the weeks start on Sunday for us American users? Truthfully, I don't mind the actual pages starting on Mondays for normal work-week use, but find the reference calenders on top jarring when they don't have the weeks starting on Sunday like our regular calendars do.

Aside from that small complaint... great work!

Hello, thanks for your


thanks for your comment.

I have received very few response for this tool though it was downloaded over 800 times so far.

I am currently working on an "international" version with which you can create calendars in many languages. This new version then will have your requested feature automatically.

There are also some problems that the header does not scale very properly. So if you want to print directly to a very small format the header still is too big. I think I will fix this for the next release.