A5 wirebound Rhodia cost versus D.I.Y graph paper pad

I want to use graph paper on a daily basis.

Rhodia makes wirebound A5 pads which are exactly what I am looking for but... they only have 80 sheets each.
They seem to sell around $6.

Would printing my own grid paper, make color copies at the print shop, ask them to cut to size, wirebound and score the tear off line be any more expensive?

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Color copies are expensive

The B&W copies I did recently were 8 cents each. Even at that the paper alone is over the $6 for the Rhodia. Of course, if you did enough of them, you could get a discount. However, the paper in Rhonda pads is amazing. You may want to try at least one Rhodia pad before making a decision.

I have used French ruled

I have used French ruled punched letter size, A4 (thanks ygor) and grid ones in various size.

I know how addictive this paper is with my writing tools of choice, fountain pens and pencils.

I found the 100% Staples recycled printer paper pretty decent and of course much cheaper by the ream and of course by the box.

But I want to print blue lines so if I paid 10 cents per page for 80 pages it would be $8.

I think it would be better to buy Rhodia pads in bulk and leave the printer paper for the inevitable D.I.Y pages I will probably end up needing.

Thanks LisaPT, for the heads up on the price of bulk printing. :)

Plus binding can be expensive.

If my memory serves, last time I had some coil-binding at Staples it was somewhere near $5-8.