WW Points Log Version 2

This is more an update to the already great points log that's here. I've just changed the format so it's more like the points trackers that they give out at the meetings/weigh-ins. There is now a "Deposit" column for earned activity points and the weekly points allowance section is now numbered. I also really wanted to do a page 2 for the log as well as a 2-up version for easy printing.

This is a "from scratch" version of the log using the D*I*Y Planner Widget Kit and it couldn't have been easier. Thanks Doug, et. al. for a great system and a great site. I just went back to paper from a PalmOS device that I used for six frustrating years in various models - and I was a PalmOS application developer!

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

Use in good health! :-)

Public Domain
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PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview)
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WOW - good job

This is exactly what I was going to try to make! You just saved me some time! Thanks so much!

Thanks you so much for

Thanks you so much for making this! This is perfect!!


I want to thank you so very

I want to thank you so very much for these forms. I have been trying to make my own and was not having any luck. You are a genius and I want to again THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH.


Thank you for the template. I just left a meeting and I was so upset that I had forgot to grab a weekly log. I felt i wouldn't hold myself accountable if I didn't have it. So this was a life saver to find!

This is wonderful!!

This is wonderful!!

Your so awesome

Thank you so much for the template. I've been doing the points by myself since end of February. My mom sent me some of her extra mini journals and the books also because after so many years of worrying about me being 265 pounds I was asking for help. Well it got expensive for her to keep sending me the mini journals so I started making my own in a journal and also daily writing on the opposite pages any feeling I was having good or bad and it helped. Then I started dreading having to draw out the points chart each day and just tried to mentally count my points. Then Halloween came and to say the least I really fell off the wagon. Well I've gained back 14 pounds of the 70 I lost and I've been feeling really down. I was trying to make my own template but getting very frustrated until I looked up blank WW points template and found you. Lets just say I've received my first Christmas present early. Now I can insert one of your pages into my journal to keep track of my points daily and still write any feelings and thoughts. Merry Christmas to you and God Bless.

Weight Watchers Paper log

OMG! thank you so much. I also tried to do this with the palm os and it was extremly frustrating. You have saved me so much time. To counteract my guilt about using a paper log, I am printing them on the backs of recycled paper. Thanks again!


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! This is awesome!

Wow! Thank you. This saved

Wow! Thank you. This saved a lot of time that I would have spent making this thing.


love the log sheet! exactly what I was looking for!


Thank you so much for putting in the effort to create this excellent chart! It is exactly what I have been looking for. Due to a change in my spending plan I did not renew my WW membership. Your application allows me to continue to progress towards my weight reduction goal. Much appreciation.

WW Tracker

I forgot to pick up my weekly tracker and you have solved my problem. Many thanks