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Hi, (also posted this in the new member section - sorry for the duplication - but I didn't want to miss a potential answer)

I've been checking out this site periodically, trying to settle in on the right system. I love the forms. My question is a technical one regarding paper. I use the "Classic" 5.5 x 8.5 size and am curious about the optimal type of stock to use. My two favorite types of paper (as far as comfortable writing surface) are the Moleskine and the stock that comes with Levenger's Circa Notebooks and Notepads. I'm assuming I can't get anything like the Moleskine paper to use in my printer. What would be the best option to duplicate the Levenger paper. It seems like a somewhat glossy coated stock. I use pencils and Pilot P-500 pens. Thanks for your recommendations.


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Circa Pages -

My suggestion would be to get a circa style punch (Circa uses the Rolla Bind system, you can find cheaper rings and punches from other vendors) and use blank paper. Get a paper cutter too, I like rotry style.

I like a nice linen finish 28lb paper, but that is a very personal issue. Once you have a punch you can spend some time in a copy shop (they usually have better samples) and pick a paper that makes you happy to write on. One ream lasts a while.