Forcing a printer to print to a size

I have a HP 1300 Laserjet that would not print to 5" x 3" cards. I decided that I would have to force it to do so as I had already cut up the 8" x 6" cards that my partner had laying around.

I enlisted the help of the lovely Monica. All that she did was copy the page out of the DIY Planner template, save it as a jpeg in Photoshop and then put the jpeg in a frame* in InDesign.

The placing of the frame was important as when I had tried to print the 5*3" image to A4 conventionally as a test, I was left with the image in the top corner of the page.

When you use smaller paper in an HP1300 you adjust the guides by pushing one guide towards the middle, this pulls the opposite guide towards the middle. This means that the paper is always central when it goes through the printer.

If you hold a piece of A4 (or letter) paper in portrait orientation and place the 5*3" card in portrait orientation too and place it on the middle of the page then push it up to the top of the page, still in the middle, you will be able to see where the frame should go on the InDesign page.

Easy Peasy!!


*Frame - I haven't used InDesign so am not sure that frame is the correct terminology.

NB. I am sure that there are many applications that you could use in place of InDesign. As an ex-CorelDraw! user I know that package would work.

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