New Guy - Lost

Wow, there is so much on this website I am having a hard time figuring out where to start.

I found you guys in a round about way. I was reading the book 'Million Dollar Habits' by Brian Tracy and in his book he mentions the Ben Franklin approach and how Ben Franklin created a list of virtures and dedicated himself to achieving those virtues. However, the book didn't list the virtues so I googled it and found this.

I have small notes everywhere, I am unorganized and I have poor time management. The hipster PDA thing looks interesting and the kits people came up with are creative. Can someone help me navigate this, where should I start.


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as for making your own

as for making your own planner, start here

Planners and time management systems will attempt to make you more productive, but they are by no means a life changing proposition. Without balance and moderation time management will not improve your life and could make things worse, since you will be good at doing the wrong things quickly.

Good luck, I started with a handful of 3x5 cards printer on the laser at work.