3-hole paper punch for Classic size

I have a three-hole notebook and a seven-hole punch. I want a good three-hole punch, not one of those silly plastic ones.
Anyone have any ideas? Ideally, my punch would take 4-8 pages, be small but have quality metal working parts, not make huge holes, and have an interesting, ergonomic design.

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There is nothing

I contacted Rapesco about making a 3-hole punch with this configuration. If they do, I hope everyone will rush out and buy one.
I also e-mailed Opto of Sweden. They sell the best-looking paper punches in the world.
In the short term, the staples adjustable 3-hole punch will ALMOST do it, with the holes about 1/16 of an inch off where they should be.
I don't like the feel of the punch. It's not a good item. But it works for now.

6 hole puncher

I have a classic size Barnes and Noble 6 hole planner that my daughter gave to me. Ilove the size, look and feel, however I have been completely at a loss as to where to get refills, which is how I found this site..and so happy I did. Now the quest to find a 6 hole puncher! Thank you for the info about Opto. I contacted them in Sweden and "Bo" responded immediately with questions as to the exact size that I need. Since my planner is truly unique :) he is going to have it custom made for me. The total charge including shipping is $38. I am so happy to share this info here, If you are having any trouble finding the right hole puncer, Opto is the place! www.opto.se

You could go to your office

You could go to your office supply store, like Staples, Office Depot, or Office Max, and look for an adjustable punch -- with movable heads. I have the Acco Model 27. It came with seven heads. Right now I've got it set to punch three holes in Classic size paper, and I've set it up in the past to punch six holes for Filofax binders. It was a pretty good deal, around $35, and I've been very happy with the flexibility it gives me.

If you Google "Acco Model 27 hole punch" you'll see they have several other models with adjustable heads. I got mine at the office supply store.

pre-drilled paper for 5.5x8.5

They sell some on-line, with only three little holes, lined and unlined.