Size problem

I have a Day-Timer that I would like to refill with some of the forms here, but I don't see a size that I think will work. The pages that are in it now are 3.75" x 6.75". Since it zips all around the outside, they really can't be much bigger than that. Will any of the kits work with this Day-Timer?

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Yepp, I use a Filofax Personal and I to want to have that size on the templates...

// Popeye

Size matters... :O

There are some of this size in the Templates Directory. A rather less elegant solution is to scale the A5 forms on a photocopier.

4.25 x 6.75 Pages

I just posted my modified pages in the templates. Maybe they will work? To make the pages I wanted, I used the graphic versions of the Hipster PDA pages and changed their size in Open Office.

Any solutions to this

Any solutions to this problem? I feel very inspired by the diyplanner hompage, and have allready taken the hpda in to action but I have not really been able to figure out how to get my personal planner in to action.
Any help would be great...