2010 Weekly Team Task Planner - 2 Slot

A way to track weekly tasks for people who manage a team.

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Don't remember where I got the template for this. Was either on this site, or David Seah's Personal CEO (http://www.davidseah.com).

Modified it to my liking, then I lost the hard drive I put them on. Recently found the printed copies, and did them from scratch in OpenOffice Draw. Once I got started, it was easy.

The first one is for 2010. You can circle the month, and write in the topic in the blank by the year. I manage a team and needed to track follow-ups for communication to my boss. You can put the person you're assigning the task to in the "[WHO]" spot, and when they were assigned the task/item, and what they're waiting for.

I also created a "6 Slot" version where I can track my team's items.

Hope you like it - feel free to use to your liking. (Also, please let me know if I didn't credit the people who should be).

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I love both this style and your 6 slot version.

But I'm wondering what do you write in the day slots and what are the 6 small squares on each day used for.

Thanks in advance

The day slots are just a

The day slots are just a "calendar" - you can bullet whatever you want in the slots for each day.

The small boxes are for the date itself.


Any thoughts on updating this for 2011? I don't know if I have the technical skills to change the dates, etc. Thanks!