can any GTD software print into DIY templates?


I am looking for a way to get the greatness of D*I*Y / pocketmod with actual lists from my GTD application, in OS X ideally. Is there any application that will print either into these templates, or something close? I know people use this mostly for capture, just wondering if I can go in both directions. Considering everything right now, Things, RTM, Toodledo, Thinking Rock, and whatever else I don't know about. I love the new Dynamic Templates, but a way to get some content into them before printing and adding to my moleskine would be great.

If anyone has the simple (or complex) answer, thank you!

- kurt

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Copy & Paste are Your Friends

Here's what I would do, and in fact, have done.

Download the openOffice Widget kit (and Open Office, if you don't have it. The widget kit is a multi-page Draw document with all the artwork from the DIY system.

Make a copy of the widget kit and save under a new name, perhaps GTD Template. Create a new Draw page with the elements you want on your page: lines, text boxes, titles, check boxes, etc. Add a "dummy" text box where you will be regularly pasting text.

Now delete the unnecessary pages from the file, and save. Save early, save often.

When you want to print a list from your GTD app, copy the list from your app and paste it into the dummy text box in the GTD Template. Print, punch, and insert in your planner.

Oh, you wanted something that would painlessly import? Doesn't exist — there are too many variables with all the different GTD apps, planner sizes, computer systems, etc. It does take some time to set up the template (more if you have to learn OOo Draw, less if you know it and use it often), but the copying is very quick from then on.


The first trick is getting the info OUT of whatever application you are using.

After that, if you want to add it to a Moleskine, you might look at

MSK is a printable format for Moleskine that allows to transfer digital content like contacts, events or original associations of images and text on the blank pages of your Moleskine notebook. You can use the Wizard to create your own page, or use the Events page to upload the events you'll be attending, or the Contacts page to upload your contacts. You also can share with others your content creating MSK formats

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What's your app?

There's a free web based GTD tiddly wiki that prints straight to 3X5's. I thought it was mGTD, but I think I might be wrong.

The previous comment is most likely correct. There is no such application to port data you entered in your GTD software into the kind of custom and customizable forms you see here.

What I used to do was print checklists and fill them out by hand when I left my computer. When I got back to my computer I'd take my checklist and sync it to the computer. It was usually faster than printing a copy and the syncing was the same.

Use a Script

If you are comfortable using scripts, a script or macro program is the way to go, if you will be doing repetitive tasks (copy from the same fields to the same fields on the same files, over and over). My favorite is Autokey, though it is a Windows application.

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thanks everyone for the great ideas!

I thought it might be a lot to ask for, but this gives me some options to chew on. I think Things as some special print formats I will have to check more. I appreciate the options. given the high overlap of the communities you think a pocketmod print format would not be such a big deal to get done.

best - kurt