Problem printing Hipster

Hi Everybody,
I downloaded the Hipster PDA to an iBook G3 running OS 10.3.9 printing to an Epson Stylus Photo R245. The stock is 3x5 cards. I'm having trouble printing without scaling/cropping.
If I use the inbuilt 3.5X5 I can print after a fashion. If I make my own 3x5 printing template it doesn't print to the page at all.
Any help will be mightily appreciated.

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Printing difficulties with 3x5 stock

First, I'm going on the assumption here that you're using Acrobat Reader 7.0.x, and not Apple Preview, which doesn't have all the same options.

When you say, "after a fashion," what do you mean? Normally, those printers that can handle full bleed (I'm not sure of yours) just require the settings in Acrobat to ensure no scaling or centering. It will essentially print to the top left of a regular page, which is where the index cards are usually put.

I'm also not sure what you mean by making your own 3x5 printing template. Do you mean manually setting this as a page size, or using a specific piece of software?

We can probably help, but you'll have to be very specific as to your printing difficulties, as I (and many others) aren't familiar with that particular printer or the procedure you're following.

One word of advice, though, and it's what I do: print the 4-up on regular card stock and then just chop or cut. I can make 4 high-quality cards in mere seconds, with a cost of about 2 cents each, and so can anybody else with a little bit of practice. (My Canon i350 doesn't allow full bleed, so the margins of regular 3x5 cards cuts off some of the design.)

all my best,

Hi dj, Thanks for the

Hi dj,
Thanks for the answer. I wasn't using Reader 7, but I am now. I thought I had to print to a 3x5 sheet, I now know that I don't. I had the print setup with scaling & centreing, I now don't. The upshot is that everything now prints beautifully.
I'm printing direct to 3x5 cards because I have a large stack to use up.
Many thanks for the help.
Best wishes

Printing 3x5s

I've created a Word document that allows me to print to any HP Laser.

Basically I've told the printer to print a DL envelope and set the margins of the paper to be the correct size for the 3x5s.

I then take the graphical versions of the templates, drop them into my document and size them up to the full size of the margins.

Other than Word complaining that the margins are incorrectly set (which doesn't actually affect the result) this works well.

If you want the template just let me know. And if it's something that may be useful for others I'll happily upload it to the site.