Quick Tips: 5 New Uses for the Actions Quadrant Template

Continuing with my Quick Tips series, I'm going to cook up 5 new ways of using the Actions Quadrant (Classic v3.0) template. Those of you who want to follow me can get the card from the D*I*Y Planner Templates Core Package. I picked this template because it seemed like a good challenge. It’s quad grid seems best suited to conquer and divide tasks and projects into smaller and more manageable chunks.

However, with a little bit of imagination you can use the form to become:

A decision making tool. The Actions Quadrant template makes a perfect decision making tool. Use this form when you’re faced with complex decisions that have multiple choice solutions, each with their own set of consequences. Write down the situation in the box provided just under the grayscale line and then create 4 different scenarios and a list of results of taking those actions. For example, let’s say you’re considering a career change. Write down something like “What would be my life if I was doing something different?” in the box above and then list 4 different options in the Quadrant title boxes. Like, Artist, Writer, Astronaut, Retail. Then use the remaining checkboxes to brainstorm ideas on how your life would be like and all the advantages and disadvantages to being in that career. Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ve got some ideas on what may be the best decision to make. Who knows, you might be surprised at the perspective it gives you.

Multi-store Purchases tracker. Use this form to keep a small track of items you want to purchase at the store or multiple stores. If you’re like me, you may go out for the day, and end up going to multiple stores instead of that heavenly all-in-one place. Use this form to write down a quick list of all the items you need at 4 places. That way, you have a nice single list of what you need for all your places. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about losing 4 different lists!

Episode Guide. Okay, this may seem weird, but I know a lot of people who like to track episodes of their favorite television series. You could print out a whole bunch of these templates and create a whole history of your favorite t.v. program, episode by episode. Record episode summaries and notes, star information, and bloopers for 4 shows on one card. When you’re done, why not bind the sheets together, making a handy reference book. Of course, you don’t have to stop at episodes. You could also do the same with your favorite books, chapter by chapter; or favorite music groups and their discography.

Student Class Planner. When I was in Jr. and Senior High School, I found that planning my classes for the year was a lot harder than it seemed. Not only did you have to pick each class (and make sure you got the "favorite" teacher) but you also had to make sure that you didn’t double up and get in 2 different classes at the same time. Students can use this card to plan out each quarter of their school year by listing each quarter at the top and then writing down the list of classes, teachers and times in the check lists.

Student Homework Tracker Students can use this form once again to help their studies. Use this form to track track book homework assignments by chapter and use the check list to track any questions or notes you have regarding the text. You can also use this form to summarize main points and test objectives when studying for that next exam or quiz.

This has been my Quick Tips creative re-visioning of the Actions Quadrant template. Do you have any other suggestions for how this D*I*Y Planner template can be used? Feel free to post your ideas below.

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I am not a number... :O

For the human resources department that has everything (except humans) we bring you the 'Work Related Performance Quotient'. Turning in a clockwise manner: 12 Wizzkid, 3 o clock; Deadly Torpor; 6; Mailboy or girl, 9 o clock Product Driven. The HR director simply puts a red mark where he/she/it wants you and a blue one where you are now. ROTF...

another devision in four

Another one which you might be able to use in the same fashion is the "Priority Matrix" which is also conveniently devided in four parts. :-)

Another way to use as a decision making tool

I find a lot of decisions are binary. If the choice is of this type then you can put the options on the left and risk/reward along the top. This gives you a frame for evalution of a choice.

More Purchase Planning

A thrifty use for Action Quadrant: Yard/Tag Sales. Keep a running list of categorized items you'd like to own sometime (not urgently needed), and would rather not purchase new. Handy reference for self and/or family members who hit yard sales every weekend.

I so admire my boyfriend's mom. Other than food, almost every item she purchases comes from yard/tag sales. We're talking b-day and holiday gifts, furniture, books, music, clothes...you name it. She lives such a thrifty & fabulous life!