hPDA Edition Status Report

A very short post today, as I have a teetering pile o' work before me, including some design. Which brings me to this little status report concerning the new Hipster PDA Edition. You'll have to forgive me if this seems rather rough-hewn and hurried -- it is, as am I.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, "I can resist everything except temptation," and yet resist I must. So many great suggestions have come my way, and there's so many designs in the Classic edition that may serve as further basis for hPDA cards, that it's difficult to sift through all the ideas and come to a solid list for the hPDA v3.

There are obviously a number of revisions for the existing cards, to bring them up to v3 design snuff, and to make them a little more flexible and "organisationally agnostic". Then, there are allowances for different parts of the world and different ways of tracking time. And of course, there are the cards already completed as add-ons, such as the Plot Pack and the Satellite Action Cards. And then there's a couple hundred Classic forms that could be useful if somehow massaged into hPDA format.

You see, the latter bit is the most difficult. After all, we're dealing with a workable space of less than one-quarter of the Classic size, and lines of only 0.15 inch separation. The Classic size forms often have plenty of space for various items and prompts, but yet even those are an abbreviated version of the sort of information one would expect on a full-size letter form. So the hPDA becomes an "abbreviation of an abbreviation". Trying to provide for enough room, prompts, adaptability, and usefulness requires a lot of careful thought and planning, and this is something that takes a little time.

So, where am I today, with regard to the hPDA v3? Well, the hard bits are done: the Harmony card has been ported, the new greytones have been selected, the existing cards have more or less been modified for a v3 look. I've also created a few new time-keeping cards, along with the new 2006-2007 calendar card. (There will be no cards customised for each month of the year, a la the Classic/A5 version, since I still consider that to be rather needless work when there's so much else to be done.) I'm also making a "short list" of the cards that should be included, which is currently hovering around 65. Obviously, there are a number of options being built into the pack for different ways of using a Hipster PDA, and I hope to cover most of the common ground.

Soon after the hPDA Edition is released, we'll get to work on the new Widget Kit v3, and this should provide the basis for hPDA templates as well. So if I don't create the card you need, expect someone else to provide it shortly. Or you can even make it yourself, using OpenOffice.org.

And now the question you've all been waiting for: what's the release date? The short answer is, as usual, "when it's done." I don't believe in releasing substandard products, and I'm very much a perfectionist. That being said, a timeframe of two weeks seems likely. Cross fingers, knock wood, don't spit into the wind.

Okay, back to work....

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