Binder insert to view multiple index cards at a time

I used to have a paper-based project management system that included 3-ring binder inserts that had multiple slots on each side, allowing me to view 20 or so cards at a time:

_______________ ______________
| Project A | | Project M |
_______________ ______________
| Project B | | Project N |
_______________ ______________
| Project C | | Project O |
_______________ ______________
| Project D | | Project P |
_______________ ______________
| Project E | | Project Q |

Does anybody recall such a system and/or know if such a card organizer is available today?

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Card system

I think it was called scan plan

I made my own holder

I made my own card holder by taking a heavy-duty page protector & sewing a grid on it. I then carefully sliced just through the top layer of plastic near the top of each rectangle. The whole thing took about 90 seconds, and it was very easy and inexpensive.

For stability, you can put cardstock in the sleeve before you sew & slice, but I haven't found it necessary if you use a heavy-duty page protector.

You have to have a sewing machine, though.

I made my own too..

I made my own using a heat sealer and an ordinary lightweight page protector. I measured out where the pockets should be, sliced the openings (using a piece of cardboard inside to prevent slicing through the other side, too), then sealed the pockets. I made the pockets slightly too shallow so the cards would stick out of the pockets a little, making them easy to grab. So I had six up on a page (landscape).

The sealer I used was an industrial model that opens differently from a food-saver type. It is long and skinny with a hinge on one end, instead of all the way down the long side. So you can put a seal in the middle of something fairly big.

This too requires specialty equipment, but I haven't got a sewing machine and I *do* have a sealer.

I'm with Pheebers, though in that you should use a heavyweight page protector. I'm positive that would be more stable than the floppy thing I made. :)

Alternative suggestions:
--a french-style note board. Make it from something stiff, like hard-board or super heavy cardstock, ribbons, and hot glue. Glue the ribbons in criss-cross diagonals across the board. You can then tuck the cards into the ribbons and they stay put as long as the book stays oriented properly. I made one of these on a fiberboard picture-frame backing (the kind with the fold-out stand) as a table-top display for my cards. I made it 9x12, but you could do smaller ones. I was looking for something that would hold a LOT of cards visible at the same time.

--make one out of two layers of card stock and hot glue. You'd have to make the second one into a series of picture frame windows and pocket slots, then glue carefully to make something you could slip index cards into. You could also make it with a cardstock back and a paper front, or use some thinner more translucent material on the front. Same concept applies--cut windows so you can see what's on the cards, but leave 'frames' to hold the cards in.


Postcard sleeves

There are plastic sleeves available for postcards. The sleeves are used by postcard collectors to protect and display their collections. I'm not sure where you could find them but I do know they exist as I saw a display book of postcards at an antique show.

Also, for smaller cards there are trading card sheets can be found at most stores selling trading cards. I have seen foolscap/letter, A4 and A5 size pages over the years.

Index Card holder.

I recall a binder I used in my previous job as a probation/parole officer. It was called Scan Plan and one could get a binder for any size card----the 3 X 5 was wonderful. Rows which could be flipped to provide info in an instant.

Would love to have one today----but I lost the address of that company


The name of the system: "Executive ScanCard Systems"

Index Card Planner Systems

I've been trying to find this system too.

It was advertised in the various business publications (like airline magazines) in the mid 80's to 90's. It used proprietary color-coded folders and cards as well as a vynyl folder/binder system. The system had a little flexibility in several different format cards, folders and such that were color coded. The original system was very, very expensive for it's time.

Sometime after that, Anglers Co.Ltd of Flushing NY (according the printed cards) came out with a standard system. It used 3x5 index cards (beige) that were horizontal ruled on one side and vertical ruled on the other. Their pages had one row of vertical and one row of horizontal cards. They had a folder (pad/folio) format as well as a 3-ring binder format.

I cannot find anything out about them. But they no longer seem to be making that product, though some of their other products are still listed with some office suppliers.

The original system, I have not been able to find either. Not hide nor hair. I hope that some old magazine will turn up with some idea or I will find the old box of extras somewhere.

The system I had was sold through Day-Timers, I guess I could always ask them, since I know I purchased the system around 1992+/- a year.

The Scan/Plan system is a sort of less useful hybrid of the flip-cards.

You can use 3x5 or 4x6 photo flip books to do the same thing.

The limitation is that they overlap badly, and you can't easily slide cards in and out, or pull one up, the way you could with these other systems.

If anyone finds out any more information, I'd really like to know.

I found the index card organization system to be wonderful for project, life, and general management. I liked the vertical-lined cards, but usually used standard colored index cards and just used the un-lined backs as the vertical (it's not too hard to write in a straight line).

Except for the pages that held the cards, the whole system was very cheap. Index cards have always been readily available, even today.

Perhaps that's why it never caught on. People want more. They want flash. They want something to do it for them. Yet, despite all the innovations that have come and gone, and all the software and such, there are still index cards on the shelves, and rolodexes on the desks.


As soon as I post this, I of course find the system I was referring to at first.

Looks like the original system, without the improvements Day_Timers made to it with the folders.


Index Card Planner Systems

I thought of something that may be of help to you. They make sheets that will fit in a 3 ring binder for stamps, envelopes, and currency collectors. Clear sheets are available as well as ones that are backed by black. Various sizes are available, too so you have a very wide variety that would best fit your needs. I have included a link to view what I am talking about. Shop around though, prices can vary greatly.

The Angler's system

I too have been looking for the Angler's system. I used the simple portfolio with 24 horizontal slots and 2 vertical clear windows on each side. This enabled me to keep up with 48 projects or contacts and 4 master lists or phone lists in a simple carry around portfolio. Going to a meeting, I could slip in a legal pad or folder and travel light.

The advantage of this system was its simplicity and economy and especially that it used standard 3x5 index cards thate easily replaced, color-coded etc.

Now I have a team of people I would like to equip with a tool like this -- not to mention replacing my own 20 year old portfolio!

Executive Gallery has such a portfolio Item D33 that holds 48 cards. But it uses non standard cards and costs $33!

If anyone finds the simpler alternative, I would like to know about it.

Simpler method - BLACKBERRY! (or any number of elect. planners)

Hard to believe any 'professional' is still using cards/paper to keep track of least in this country!

stick around

You are new around here, aren't you?

Hang around for a while and we will convert you to all things analog.


So true!!!


As a professional

As a professional aquaintance from many years ago once said to me, 'You can't beat the bandwidth of a piece of paper'.

Bob H.


"The version I heard was that you can't beat the bandwidth of a stationwagon (full of computer tapes)". ;-)

As to the earlier "Blackberry" suggestion I've used Palm Pilots and iCal and truly unfortunatly Outlook/Microsoft Exchange. I return to paper and pen every time. There is nothing as flexible.

To our anonymous Blackberry User

Hard to believe any 'professional' is still using cards/paper to keep track of least in this country!

Actually, I believe that a 'professional' is one who successfully and expertly performs his/her job, using whatever tools they personally find most effective.

A 'professional' is not one who merely attempts to do their job using the tools they believe will make them look the best or the coolest -- to others or themselves.

[I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...]
"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle

A professional is somebody

A professional is somebody who does his or her job with pride in the outcome, not for the paycheck or the status.

LOL - not sure where you're from

but here in my world, batteries can (and DO!) die; Blackberrys crash at the most inopportune times. Never had to reboot my Circa or recharge its battery.

Cards for Scan Card system

Dear Pugdog
Like you, I am a big enthusiast for the Scan Card system and recently revived by Scan Card binder. Since the company has long-since gone out of business, I took some of the old cards to a printer and have had several hundred new ones made. If you would like to buy some from this stash, let me know.
Mike Watt
[email removed by admin]


Mike - Email me about the ScanCard Syatem
[email removed by admin]

executive scancard system

Any updates on the executive scancard system? The last time I spoke with them, they were in Cincinnati. I believe the office moved to New Hampshire for a time. I would like to purchase a few more card-holders. Thanks.

Recipe Card holder

How about a Recipe Card Sheet protector? Here is a link: or check out this picture I found on Flickr

Thank you! I've been looking

Thank you! I've been looking and looking for a product like this. Very hard to find.

Cool index card organizers -- at a price.

If you're willing to shell out for very professional-looking index card organizers, go to They have many creative leather and/or wood index card accessories, including "bleachers" for standing up your cards and a leather portfolio with index card-sized pockets. They also sell vertically lined index cards that can be personalized.

Again, all of this is quite pricey -- but if anyone here is a business executive or attorney, they may be willing to spend the cash to add a professional, polished look to their index cards.

I think you're talking about

I think you're talking about the "Scancard" system.
It's available at

Circa 3 x 5 Translucent Action Folio on sale

I just saw it at Levenger, exactly what the system is supposed to look like and it is Circa.

And it is on sale. :)

re scan card system or similar

I used to use this system just before I retired recentley, searching the net this morning came accross this site. if you know where it can be found please let me know
as I am about to show persons how to use time planning sytems. IPPS in the UK use an ordinary time planning system. I am Based in the UK

many thanks


Library supply houses are

Library supply houses are great for this sort of thing, too. Try Gaylord or Highsmith or Demco (I've been a customer of all three off and on over the years, never had a problem).

Binder with slots for cards

It was manufactured by Levenger. I still have one today.

I have the Executive

I have the Executive ScanCard System. The info on the binder says:

Executive ScanCard Systems
Suite 200-6480 Busch Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43229
Ohio 800-282-2630

I have to write in pencil so that I can reuse the cards.

Do you mean....

...these ? What are the dimensions of the cards ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

look at levenger . com

They have great 3 X 5 folios and "bleachers."

index card organizer

My index card organizer was made by the Angler Co., Ltd in Flushing, New York. I've been looking for a replacement as well but the Scan Card system is too expensive. I got this from an office supply and I'll continue to search. Hope you find one.

Binder insert to view multiple cards at one time

Yes they do exist. I have a ton of them as I'm an organizing guru. Or, rather I should say I'm a 're-organizing' freak. Whenever I feel out of control, I start to re-organize. This results in buying yet another day planner, organizer or new system to re-list everything I have to do. I've read Getting Things done and I'm trying to follow it. However, I digress..

Yes, the system you're looking for is sitting on my desk right now. I first bought it about 10 years ago and it was buried. It recently resurfaced and of course I went out and bought a whole lot more. They were called SCANPLAN (was at and have been changed to FLIPDEX and can be found at The website is down as of 4/22/08. I called and they told me it would be up again by the end of next week (4/30/08?). phone number 1-800-SCANPLANN.

You can have 3x5 cards or 5x8 cards. There is even a format to fold an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet in half and store in the same type of sleeve as the 5x8 cards. You can put them in a loose leaf notebook (either the Daytime Desk size or regular for the 8 1/2 x 11 size. Or you can put a metal slider in the end and hang them like hanging file in a file drawer. There are even portable sizes for your wallet or pocket. All those out there with their Hipster can get a small travel folder for their 3x5 hipsters.

Look at the website when it comes back up. There are lots of other formats.

I have bought sooooo many systems over the years........

Index card with projects seen at a glance on a 8 1/2 x 11" page

I just found an inexpensive version, at It is called "T-card organizer pocket, and each side of page holds 36 pockets (total 72), it comes withi a 100 cards for $ 13.95. It has the little metal sliders that I wondered about , and you just gave me an answer.

cant get BJG's site to work and a question to anonymous too?

hi bjg, cant get that site to work you mentioned, its sunday night now

I can find scan cards at Executive gallery, but not what you were tlaking about


also, Anonymous, you posted that you bought your t-cards at the site you mentioned. I cannot find out how large those t-cards are. Are they 3x5? Or do they come in diff sizes?

When I looked at the site y ou mentioned, I cant find dimensions.

thanks for any help anyone can give


Beware of Scanplan/Flipdex

I've been lurking for a while now. But I wanted to give everyone a heads up about this company.

I placed a $200 order in May 2008 when they were switching from scanplan to flipdex and trying to get rid of old stock. The "President" of the company charged my card and did not send me the merchandise. She did not respond to my many emails asking for the status of my order. After a month of emailing, she replied saying that she did not ship the order yet! I did not want the order anymore and asked her to issue a refund to me. Of course, she didn't and I had to go to my credit card company to ask them to sort it out. I have yet to receive the refund on my card.

Just my experience....

Thx for the heads up!

I have been thinking about submitting an order with them, but am thinking twice now! Please let us know when you get this resolved.

Thanks again for the info,
nay nay

I as well bought when they

I as well bought when they switching from ScanPlan to Flipdex. I had a long wait and then found out they were out of every color she had told me we could get. One thing I did not expect was the seperate pages came whole (you could put them in a printer) while all the rest came already inserted (separated)in the flip system, so you can not print on them. This is not their fault but I just didn't know it. Anyway, this was all dealing with ScanPlan not Flipdex, so who knows?

the Card Scan system

I was trying to find out about this system and stumbled on your site and read all these posts. I tried calling the Executive Gallery but the numbers aren't theirs any more. No one had anything god to say about Flipdex and plus their page was still "down". I tried to do the www thing with "ExecutiveGallery" but it says I'm not allowed access to that site (or something like that---it was really late last night when I was doing all this) I noticed all the posts were from back in 06 so didn't know if anything has been discovered about this system/where to get, a fairly good substitute/etc/ since then? I was cleaning out my daddy's stuff after he died and came up on his system; he had some blank cards so I kept his old cards (sentimental!) and having been using it. I JUST LOVE IT. Like some one else commented this is such a basic system I guess that is why no one uses it much any more. I too am a "write it down person" s opposed to putting in my phone or on the computer. I was just wanting to see what else was offered regarding this system. Thanks for any comments!

Have a CardScan Scan?

@Junebugdelta - Did you happen to have a scanned copy of your father's cards that you could make available here? I would just be interested in seeing some pieces of that system. Sounds like there would be limited copyright issues, if the Card Scan folks are truly out of business.

Either way, thanks for sharing your comments (love to hear those stories) -- and welcome aboard DIYPlanner.


"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle


I have the complete system with cards, computer program, folders, desktop and leather binder. I am trying to have a company make them again. I could snap a picture and send if you need. regards

Executive Scancard Systems

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine suggests that the web page for Executive Gallery, the supplier for Executive Scancard Systems, disappeared around mid-2008. Pity; the system worked well for me when I had the discipline to stick to it.

Looks like my choices are either: make my own cards with a paper cutter (ugh), or switch to a Levenger system which uses 3x5 cards.

Actually the ideal choice would be to go online with a package like Thinking Rock. But the computer is what I am manipulating to get the job done; I need an out-of-computer system for planning/managing.

other scancard-like options

Office Depot carries 3-ring page protectors for 3X5 cards... This could be a possibility and it is pretty inexpensive. or search for "Wilson Jones® 3" x 5" Vertical Photo Pages, Pack Of 10Item # 156997" $2.48 for a pack of 10 pages...

I know levenger also sells something like this for both circa and 3-ring binders...

It was called Executive

It was called Executive ScanCard(tm) Systems

Picture of Executive ScanCard System

The link below at google books shows an advertisement from 1985 "Changing Times"


[link by ygor]

Executive ScanCard(tm) System

They're gone. Website is changed to the owner's band.
Really needed a new binder -- still have tons of cards (even the printable versions).

If you ever come across the binders, please let me know!!

scan cards

hi are you willing to sell some of the cards... can't find them anywhere.
many thanks


Wanna sell some cards? I was just about to have some printed as i have used the system for 25 years.

ScanCard (TM)

The ScanCard system was a paper-based system first available in 1989. The supplier's number from the binder which I still have was 1-800-848-2618.

index card holder page

there is/was a time-management system/company that had these...their system was based upon zillions of these little cards, different colored edges...square, but the same size as the short side of an index card, so index cards fit. check ebay.
also, check out business card, photo, and diskette (the old hard small ones) holders...there are plastic page holders for 3 ring and all size binders.

If one googles sheet protector 3x5 photos

You get a lot of links for companies that sell sheet protectors for 3x5 photos and of course it can fit index cards of the same format.

It seems to me that it is a great way to visualize project if you love the 3x5 format.

Office depot sells the Wilson Jones® 3" x 5" Vertical Photo Pages. A Pack Of 10 for around $3. It is available at the store and online.

Some years ago, I found letter size, 5x7 photos inserts at a local camera, developing store.

I also saw albums of different formats, letter, junior or pocket with rings or with screw systems or just plain glued pages; with photos inserts of many sizes at Ross of all places. The albums were no more than $10 each if they were intact under cellophane and way less if they were a bit frayed.

The insert pages were working fine.
If you are on a budget and want the index system on the cheap, you could D.I.Y one of those cheap albums.

I am not affiliated with Office Depot or Ross, I just try to stop myself for shopping there by talking about them online. :)

Classic/Junior size

I wonder if there are any of those 3x5 photo sheet protectors in Classic/Junior size available somewhere? Ideally, they would need to have enough margin space to punch them myself with my Rollabind/Circa punch.

I would consider prepunched Circa style, but I do not forsee myself committed to this to need a large amount, as they tend to come in big packages, I think I may never use more than about 5 if that.

Junior size things are

Junior size things are always harder to find.

I think that the Wilson Jones item could be cut in half and Circa punched.

Day Timer has Junior size page protectors, I also saw some at Staples a while ago.
Day Timer has a Junior size photo page which holds 2 photos, they were priced at around $4.
I always poke around the organizer area of stores, I am pretty sure I saw photo pages for Day Timer or other discount organizer brand, at Target.

As I said before, your best bet are discount stores Ross, Marshalls, Big Lots or Dollar Stores where you can find 5x7 photo binders which include photo pages in that format.

I am not sure if there are Junior size insert for 3x5 photos, which would be ideal for index cards.

I must warn you that most of the Junior size photo binders have cute covers. You might want to keep the cute binder, fill it with Junior size paper and give it away to people who know love cute stuff such as daughters, nieces, aunts, wife, mother and grandmothers :)

Alternatively, you could buy genuine Circa inserts and sell the sheets protectors you don't use.

A great way to recoup some of your money and make somebody just getting started with Circa very happy. :)

You can place a piece of

You can place a piece of clear packing tape along the edge and fold it over (half and half). It provides enough support to be circa / rolla punched :)

--> my blog <--

ScanCard system

I still have the cards and it's called the ScanCard System. the cards are about 3" square and you can inert them into what is clled a Project Control Center (which is essentially a plastic page with slots into which you insert the cards.

Executive ScanCard Systems

Yes IU have two carriers from Executive ScanCard Systems not the three ring binder type. I just started using them again after at least 15-18yrs ago. I think they went out style with the the Strawberry Alarm Clock Band. I just have to custom cut the large index cards in half. Works well 4 me but would still like to get the pre-made color coded cards for sure.

it was scancard system.

it was scancard system. They went out of business when everyone went to electronic pda's. I'm suprised none of the organizer companies have not picked up the liscence for scancard now that some, myself included, want to go back to the paper trail.

Executive Scan Card System

Yes, I had such a system years ago but it got prettymuch destroyed by a pet we had at the time. I would really like to replace it. I did find something online about a year ago and tried to place an order but nothing ever came nor did I get a charge for it. If you find it, let me know.
Andrew C

Circa Version Available from Levenger

From our buddies at Levenger:

Circa 3 x 5 Pocket Dock-It - Letter

Circa 3 x 5 Pocket Dock-It - Junior

They used to have a 3-ring-binder version, but only offer the above Circa version now.

[admin: I un-spammed it, added the Junior, and link-ified it for you (ygor)]

Executive ScanCard Systems

I have a pages torn from an old catalog.

It has the address:
Executive ScanCard Systems
814 W. 3rd Ave., Dept 879A, Columbus, Ohio 43212

When I call the number 800-848-2618 I get a recording to leave a message.

I had this system in the late 70's or early 80's and also would like to order the ScanCard Panels.

Executive ScanCard System

Did you ever hear from anyone?

Multiple 3 x 5 card holders

A company by the name of Hazel used to make those multiple 3 x 5 card holders. I am looking for them too but to know avail.

According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine...

Web pages for both Scan/Plan and Executive ScanCard disappeared in May 2008*/*/
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Executive Scan Card System

Yes, I recall the system!! I do not know if it's still around -- I've never found one on Ebay, for instance.

I used to have such a folder, and I still have a box of 500 project cards. The box says Executive Scan Card Systems, with a Columbus, Ohio, address, but it pre-dates the web, so no web address. I've tried googling it, but that only led me to this site.

The cards are a little over 3 inches square, with various color borders. The idea was one color for different projects. You could get a three-ring binder for extra pages, but I was content with my folder. It had two columns of slots, or maybe it was three, on each side of the folder. Alas, I moved one time too many, and the folder disappeared.

I would love to find another one! I have used Franklin Planner, which was fine, then I moved to a Blackberry, without which I could not live -- but I would still love to put this old low-tech system back into practice!


Executive ScanCard System

I am looking to buy at least 4 of the card holder pages for my old scancard system binder. I have plenty of the cards; I just meed more pages to hold them! It's the style that holes 2 columns of 12 cards. Thank you!


Wanna sell your box of 500?

Project management system

Funny you should ask: I've been looking for mine as well; last time I saw it was over 15 years ago. AHA ! Found it: Executive ScanCard Systems in Columbus; just found it tonight plan to call them tomorrow to get latest version. the number I have is 800.848.2618; keep in mind this is all 15 years old; hope they are still around, it was a great system.

Scan card systems

Question as to how these systems were used....A "project" name was visible at the top of The card after it was inserted in the slot. Did they recommend using the part of the card not visible and the reverse side to list key actions that needed to be taken to make the project happen?

I have the complete

I have the complete Executive Scancard system. I am trying to find out more info, but have had no success.

A current source of buying ScanCard Inserts

Thought I'd post this to prepare for Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday.

Wonder if they sell the cards in different colors.