Levenger Card Bleachers

Levenger Card Bleachers

I know a while back there was a thread about this product. I'm tempted to pick one up but was curious if anyone else has used one in the time since the thread was posted. Any review? Was it helpful? Not so? Just curious. I use 3x5 for all types of planning and think this would be ideal for my work.


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I like my card bleachers from Levengers a lot. It is surprisingly well-thought out, with a slight curve to the whole unit, as well as well-made. I use it with 'portrait' 3 x 5 index cards (it seems made for that) and the stagger from one row to the next leaves a handy readable inch or so of the card behind. I've found the slots wide enough to slide the card in easily without being too wide and making the card floppy. I think the curve helps here, too. I use it for storyboarding, so can't speak to other uses for it.

I really like them but often

I really like them but often don't have room on my desk.

This is what a floor is for...

Trinity, if you cannot 'acquire' a bigger desk, nudge at your least favourite item until it falls on the floor. Voilà! Space a plenty. ;)

LMAO and here I was walking

LMAO and here I was walking on it!

Seated Stands...

May I ask what the 'bleacher'is made of? On Levenger the site it appears to be plywood covered in thick brown varnish. However writingstudio's comments suggest it is just a poor photograph, the actual product is fine.

Mine are in storage now, but

Mine are in storage now, but I don't remember thinking anything bad about them, and I'm pretty picky about office supplies and tools (as are we all if we are here.) I've been happy with my Levenger stuff except for two things.

1.) I had a Circa punch, and stopped using it. Its accuracy became wobbly; some holes were not punched as deep at one end as they were on the other end. (I'm sure there's a paper-freak term for that, but I don't know what it is.) They took it back, though it had been 2 years. It never occurred to me to send it back till one of their reps suggested it.

(I was complaining that they stopped carrying both the blank Junior size paper AND the tasteful yet unsophisticated 1-page-per-day Junior calendar. Thus I didn't have a decent calendar, and couldn't make my own with their paper, and if I found decent paper I couldn't punch it properly. They sent me a label to cover the return shipping cost.)

2.) The monogramming on a small leather something or other was insufficiently deep for my taste. They cross-shipped a new one.

I've not been wild about one wooden thing, forget what they call it, but it was pretty much what I suspected from the Levenger photos and from the conversations I had with their reps. I paid $20 for a thingie in a color that was not as popular as the $60 color. I deemed it worth $20.

I've returned lots of leather bags, but I like the ones I've kept and gotten many compliments on them. (Also on sale.)

In short, it's possible they are of lesser quality now than they were years ago--symptom of our times. If so, you can send them back.

Potentials Quicklist - I knew it had a purpose...

Thank you Trinity. I will check my Potentials Quicklist and put in an order. :)

And here I was calling it

And here I was calling it Someday/Maybe.

I had to check the link. "Potentials Quicklist" is a completely different horse, not just one of a different color....

Quick-n-easy card stands


It's been a while since I checked in. Life's been busy!

A friend of mine, Quinn McDonald, has been using index cards for organization since the 80s, and a couple days ago she mentioned in passing about how she props them up on her desk. It was so cool I told her she had to blog it because I figured you guys would like it a lot. Check it out here.

Two dowels rubber-banded together! So simple, so sweet... I think I'll make one out of bamboo for the "exotic" look!

She also had a local leather shop create a custom Rolla cover that has a very ingenious pen-holder and lock. Same blog entry.


So simple, yet...

Two dowels rubber-banded together! So simple, so sweet... I think I'll make one out of bamboo for the "exotic" look!

Her design is so simple, yet so creative! Fantastic! It makes me want to use index cards for everything! ;-) Think of trying it with chrome, too.... or painted black--certainly, the variety is endless...

And I love the pen holder, but I think I've seen something similar before, but still, it's ingenuous. The result of two great brains working together. :-)


Another 3x5 card bleacher option...

More along the lines of "card patio chairs" than card bleachers :-D

3x5 Docking Station

They take up very little desk space. You could make them in any shape and size to accommodate different paper sizes and ring configurations.

For the next version I'm going to experiment with alligator clips on the ends so that it can be cliped on to a monitor, lamp, etc.



You have such interestng ideas~! I'll have to come back to that as soon as I have a free moment ♥
my artwork


this would make a great address book - our own version of a roladex... i am definitely going to make one of these for at my home desk!
Thanks Paul!
nay nay

Oh my, you done dood it...

You went and gave me an idea.
Run for the shelters !!

( Film at 11 )
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That is seriously, seriously cool.

Coat hangers for bulletin board idea?

Wow, I'm tickled that my contraption is a hit. Looking forward to seeing what else it inspires (the shelter door is bolted, ygor... :-D ).

There was a discussion a while back about making a rollabind bulletin board. I'm thinking that you could use wire coat hangers mounted across the top and/or down the sides of the board. Not sure how to attach them, though. I'll think about that.


Rollabind Bulletin Board

The idea of a Rollabind bulletin board sounds intriguing. If one used different colored disks, it could double as an abacus.


Another bulletin board use

>>>it could double as an abacus.<<<

... or for scoring billiards! :-D

I'll have to remember these

I'll have to remember these ideas for when I get out of school/college.

See, after that happens, my desk won't look like a hurricane hit it.

I hate to tell you...

... but I've been in the working world for thirteen years, and my desks are still messy. :)

xD Well...I'll have to


Well...I'll have to figure out some solution than.


your desk probably will not ever get cleaner! Sorry !
I cannot see the top of my desk right now and I have been "cleaning" it for over an hour... My desk at home is worse! UGH!
nay nay

Organizing desk

...Somebody needs to make a book on how to organize a desk.

...Oh wait! Look what I found! :O


EDIT: Just google 'organize desk'. I found a bunch of ways to organize by doing that.

...Too bad I don't have time until school is out to do so! XD