Birthdays, Anniversaries, Memorials and taxes.

One way of reducing stress about those dates is to go digital with one of the main search engines calendars and email programs for timely reminders.

Then send ecards offered by many non-profit.

I also keep a small stash of blank cards that can be customized for any occasion for the people who are still mostly analogue.

Facebook has the same data built in. It is really nice to share the day, celebrating somebody's milestone, remembering the time when a couple first got together or/and the wedding day.

Being able to share precious moments in Memory of a loved one is also much more reflective than spending an hour staring at a card because a couple of words simply can not express to others, the range of emotions one has for a late person.

As far as taxes are concerned it is always good to get automatic reminders at crucial times, such as time limit for charity, retirement deductions, pre-tax expenses and to keep track of paperwork gathering.

I have been through tax time with and without digital help.
I much prefer the later.

Hope this help.

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I find having digital

I find having digital reminders for important dates and when things like taxes are due extremely valuable. It is so easy to forget things, and with an automatic system reminding you - there are no more excuses. Great tip - thanks.