Broken pencils

I find it hard to believe that I am the only one with this problem but I haven't been able to find any other posts about it. I like to carry the hPDA. It usually ends up in my back pocket. I also lke to use a standard wood pencil. It also ends up in my back pocket. I'm sure you can see whats coming. I sit down to work or drive or whatever, and I hear (and feel) snap!

I've tried short pencils, long pencils, and medium pencils. I'm not too fond of pens since I like to erase occasionally. Anyone have an idea?

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What you need are bendy pencils.

Here you go:

Link [link edited - DJ]

Wow, what a long url. If it doesn't survive, just go to the site and search on 'flexible pencil'

bendy pencils ...rulers

That URL worked for me, but you might try the good folks at tinyurl:

The bendable pencils I've seen have about an inch of real lead at the tip and that's it.

I've cut down a cheap ball point ink pen and have it on my keychain. Seem to work OK...but I never know if it will explode!

An alternate DIY approch

I use an Ion pen for this, but if you want a pencil you might try this-

Get a kneeded eraser, a pack of .9 mm or thicker leads, one of those really small staws/coffee stirrers or the interior chamber of a mechnical pencil in a size as close to your lead as possible, fine gauge sandpaper.

Fill the end of the tube with kneeded eraser materal, stick the lead in the end. Lightly cap the other end with kneeded eraser materal. The lead will probably still break (unless you can find a really strong tube), but it will be trapped and you can save it. Cover the outside of the tube with kneeded eraser and a strip of the sandpaper. Use the sandpaper to sharpen the lead as needed.

Yes this is silly :)

Tough Pencils

Just got to thinking, the little pencils they use for golf seem pretty tough. When you sharpen them with a short cone tip they do pretty well.

A short carpenter's pencil is real tough, but hard to write small with.


Why not a mechanical?

A good mechanical won't break, is reusable (thus better for the environment that even a wood pencil long-term) and has a built in eraser (and a choice of lead sizes).

It still isn't a stylus....

erasable pen

I believe that bic still makes erasable pens which gives the best of both worlds.

Mini-Mecha-Pencils from Japan

Pilot Dr. Grip XS Mini Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm
Zebra Mini Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Silver

Also, there is a Pilot G2 Mechanical Pencil. It is a full-sized pencil, but I believe it can be shortened to be like the Pilot Mini-G2's -- I bought 2 to experiment with.

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