Calendar: Monthly + Weekly

In June I will have burned through the last of my current FC calendar. I'm already using some DIY forms to supplement the FC calendar pages, but I would like to save myself another big chunk of change and start using the DIY calendar templates, but I have a question on implementation...

I love my current setup. I use the FC monthly and weekly calendars (not the 2-page-per day things that make everything bulky -- I hate those!) and would like to duplicate this setup with DIY forms. I carry about 6 monthlies at all times and then weeklies for only the current month. Every Friday, I look ahead on my monthly to the following week and transfer the info to the relevant weekly. Doing so helps me visualize the next week's hard landscape before heading home for the weekend.

The way the FC pages are set up, each month is "tabbed" and the weeklies for that month go between the months. I tried to achieve a similar setup with the DIY templates, but I learned two things:

(1) Without the tabs, it's a major PITA to find where you're at, and
(2) Trying to add my own tabs just looks bad.

I'm left wondering what others do in this situation. I am thinking of bundling all the monthlies together in the front (maybe under a "Monthly" tab?) and then the current month's weeklies under their own tab. This way I'd get two tabs instead of 6 or 8. Just a cleaner implementation.

Anyone else using a monthly + weekly combo? Any ingenious ideas that I am overlooking?

Re-reading this, I'm not sure it makes any sense at all... ;-)


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Pocket divider template

I use monthly pocket divders with tabs with this template, but it is not as slick.

Fold-out pages

I print my Weekly Planning pages on one end of a letter-size page and fold the page over -- it sticks out enough to serve as a tab, and I can fold it around the Notes pages I use for capture/collection during the week.

You could print a two-page monthly calendar on a single letter-size page and fold the page around the weeklies for that month.

One of these days, I'm going to get around to taking photos and posting about my planner, to properly explain how the fold-out thing works.

Do you procrastinate?

Pics would be nice!

I think I like this idea, but I'm having trouble visualizing it... Let me know when you get around to posting pics, even if they're cheesy cameraphone pics...


Monthly Tabs

If you're concerned about the aesthetics, you can probably print the monthly calendars on the blank Franklin Covey tab dividers (or leave them blank and put the monthlies behind them so you can reuse them), but that doesn't save you as much money as making your own. Cutting dividers from card stock or file folders isn't a bad idea, and can look very good.


Monthly dividers...

I would suggest going to an office supply store and purchase a set of dayrunners blank monthly tabs. When you print out each month, make sure that they aren't printed double sided but so that you have a blank page then on the other side of that the first half of the month, then the next half of the month and on the back of that a blank page. This way you can have each month in it's own tab and after the monthly calendar you can put your weekly pages.
On the blank pages you can mind map or write misc. notes, a master month list or whatever you wish.
I know it means having to purchase something, but investing in a set of these blank monthly tabs means you can re-use them indefinitely.

That's a great tip! I don't

That's a great tip! I don't mind purchasing something, it's just that I'm trying to avoid spending $60 for the FC set again... Those things get pricey!!


Do you still have your

Do you still have your weekly compass insert ? You could use it to mark the current weekly page or you can create your own using cardboard. Here is how : cut a piece a little bit longer than your actual planning pages, punch it so that it fit in your binder. Since the piece is longer , a portion of it will be expose at all time (just like a book marker). You can then decorate the piece of cardboard using color markers, a picture, fun stickers, etc.