Filofax pocket sized templates (81 x 120mm)


I would be curious to know if anyone has happened to produce templates sized accordingly for Filofax Pocket, i.e. 81 x 120 mm.

Thanks a lot!


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me too!

I'd love to see templates in this size as well!

use hipster forms

This size is really almost the same as the hipster forms. What I did (this is someone else's idea, but I don't remember the name) is download the graphic set and paste these in a table in a word processor. I used word, but another program would work also. Make a table with four columns and 2 rows. The first column is for the holes, in the second column you paste the form of your choosing. The same for the third and fourth column and the second row. Now go to the next page and do the same, only now the space for the holes goes on the right. Print double-sided on A4 (or letter) and cut like the 4-up for the hipster. This works fine for me, and lets me choose al possible combinations of front and back sides. Hope this helps.


Can anyone help me with this too? Or is anyone brave or clever enough to design a template for us all??? :-) x

Dynamic templates can handle it
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