Anyone considered Comb Binding ?

I just scored two binding machines from eBay for ~$20 (+~$10 shipping) each The 19-tooth binding combs are easily cut. 5 teeth does a 3 inch long binding, 9 teeth does a 5 inch binding.

If folks express interest, I can post pictures as I experiment.

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How about Spiral Binding

I think you may be on to a good idea. I would suggest, however trying spiral binding. In my experience Combs break easily, whereas spiral bindings do not. However, I am saving my used pages, and I am binding all of my pages for the year into a book, but I am using sewed bindings for that project.

I like spiral too.

One of my heavily-used reference materials comes in a comb binding, and the combs always come undone and have to be fixed. I never have a problem with my spiral-bound planner that I use every day. But maybe if you have the binder you can re-do it and figure out what works best for you. I thought the comb binder would be nice because you would be able to add pages more easily. Am still wondering if Staples would be able to take out my spiral binding and let me add more pages.

How to take out a Spiral Binding, and Put in a new one

I worked in a lab at my University where I did a lot of spiral binding. Besides the machine to punch all of the holes all you need is a pair of dikes, or very sharp scissors, and needle nose pliers. Use the cutting instrument to cut off one of the bends in the binding. Then just roll the binding out. It threads in and out of the holes very easily. Another possibility is that you may be able to bend the spiral into formation to unthread, add your pages, and then just thread it through again.

That's really a nice job. I

That's really a nice job. I was going to ask what a Swedish calendar was! duh--I thought it might be a different format you use in Sweden that we don't use here. The yearly calendar is nice--I like that type of calendar, very efficient.

Thanks for posting it.

Other options for use with comb punches

I really really dislike comb-bindings, per se. However, there are wire bindings out there that work with the same sized punched holes as the comb-binding. Those work very well - allowing me to fold back a notebook cover, for instance, and I've made quite a few blank notebooks that way. I use the comb-binding punch and then the wire binding machine to finish.

There are also other alternatives out there that use the same comb-binding punch, including a spiral that's quite nice and one that uses a little tool that closes a special ring binding a bit like a zipper.

That last I found at an office supply place - either Staples or Office Max - while the former I bought off the internet. The spiral one is called Inspiral, and can be found at:

(BE WARNED, if you search on Inspiral, there's also a, um, prophylactic device with the same name, so some of the hits mights be a tad... surprising. ;) )

They have some other binding options there but I haven't tried them.

Having a comb-binding punch around is a handy thing to have! All sorts of options that don't need the combs themselves.