customising generated svg


I'm thinking of refactoring my simple svg-generating php-script (used to generate yearly, weekly and blank A7 bits that print 8up on an A4 paper).

Before I do that I wonder?
a) would anyone else be interrested in this (I suppose that it could be done so that it can generate the equivalent in Letter size).
b) what would you like to see as configurable? Language? Headers? Footers? Colours? Fonts? Starting day of week? Holidays? Margins? Etc?

Just throwing out the question, no promises ;-)

(I've just managed to generate a swedish yearly calender and weekly pages for april-june, so I wont work on this for some time, just thought I'd get as much input as possible as soon as possible)


ps. I'll upload an example file later tonight. And here it is:

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Hi. Great idea.

My vote is for birthdays (configurable holidays).

Being able to configure a list of birthdays and aniversaries would be great. These are always the bane of my existance, and I never seem to have them all on the same calendar. Seeing them automatically appear in my calendar would be great.

Classic Size

Can your script do the "Classic" size, 5.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches tall?

my script is weak...

...but your input (and the previous one about anniverseries) are excellent ways of making it stronger!

/tsr - enpowerer of the script :-)