2010 Yearly Planner

Another component of my new system is the yearly planner. For basic yearly overview planning. 3 months to an A4 page, 6 months to a 2* A4 spread. Loosely based on the yearly planning in the moleskine diaries.

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2010 yearly planner.jpg
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Pretty basic. I print it out double sided so that there are two A4 spreads of 6 months each. You can also use it for 3 monthly planning by printing each page out separately.

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adobe reader, preview, etc
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Looks good
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Hi, I love the sheet, but it would be cool to be able to modify it a bit. Any chances of you submitting the source document, too? I would highly appreciate it ...

Yeah, i'm fine to upload the

Yeah, i'm fine to upload the source document. I actually created it with Microsoft Excel. Stay tuned for it...