2010 Work Week Planner

The largest part of my new system - the work week planner. Includes Weekly planning for Monday to Friday, Notes sections and small section for major events of the weekend.

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This is the planner i use for work and as i work only monday to friday i decided to make it a monday to friday diary, so i didn't waste space on weekend days i didn't write in.

Starts on the 25th January cause i created it just this week.

Basically it's a five day work week to a two page spread. Mon-Wed on one page and Thur, Fri, Notes and weekend on a second page.

Each day is divided into general notes at the top, morning (anything that happens before 8am). Time slots from 8am till 7pm; then evening (anything that happens after 7pm)

Also included is a notes section and a weekend section - sometimes stuff happens on the weekend that i need to be aware of in my work diary so i put it here.

I print it out on A4 double sided so that you see one week at a time and bind it together with the other pages in my system. You could also punch it and keep it loose leaf in a folder. Friends of mine print one week out a time or a month at a time.

I'm working on a few other designs at the moment including a 7 day work week and a landscape one page version of this page.

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I like it

A nice clean style.
Looks great !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I agree with Ygor! Nice work. Very clean.

THANK YOU! Love the entire set!

nay nay

letter size to work week?


I'm new here and was wondering how this all works but also if there is a letter size for your 2010 weekly planner?

Thank you!

Unfortunately i don't have a

Unfortunately i don't have a letter size available. In Australia A4 is the standard page size. Maybe in the future i will do different sizes.