What's about PocketMod ? (Art interrogation or Illustration interrogation)

Hello with all,
Excuse me for this bad English, I am in France... and I maitrise not too the language.
I was interested (?) by the "PocketMod", there is that a few months.
And I was surprised by the great difficulty in being able to arrange these small books.
Interested (?) for a long time by foldings I found a solution original to arrange them...
The solution of arrangement is in the sheet itself. I was brought to deposit a patent in France, which is in the course of patentability... Please know itself some more? I am at your disposal on this forum which I have just opened... I think of perhaps returning here in a regular way for one month.
Of course it is not inevitably "art" but the object obtained starting from a paper sheet can become it...

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i comment my topic...

All is perhaps in the third dimension...

Le brevet?

Veuillez voir ma réponse ici. Please see my response here.