It's not exactly for time-management, but has anyone ever considered making some templates for a simple crossword or sudoku to put in a hipster? Since we're carrying them around everywhere anyway, it just seems practical that we might throw some entertainment into the package for those random dull moments.

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Battle Ship

I made a battle ship template. It is for the Classic Size. You are right though we need some entertainment to carry around in our planners.

Please post it.

Please post it.

Battleship Template

I have posted it to the site, but it is still going through the approval process.


Approved, and now in the Template Directory!

all my best,

Any Other Ideas?

Does anyone have an idea for a game that could be made?

Hangman. That 'connect the

Hangman. That 'connect the dots to make boxes thing.'

I don't think a grid for Sudoku would be at all practical, unless you are more into creating the puzzles than solving them. OTOH, there are a slew of suduko puzzle magazines and books out there. If you found one that had puzzles of a size to fit onto your hipster, you could just cut and paste some onto cards to have handy during dull moments. You'd either have to work one side of a page before cutting out the other, of course, or just accept wasting half the puzzles.

Not Getting Things Done

Wow...have I got time wasters (edu-tainment) for you-

My various templates include a full sets of cards, Checkers, Go, Battleship, Shakespeare, Flying Spaghetti Monster alter, and a bunch of other time sinks.

You can check em out under my name in the Template Directory.

Feel free to use them under the CC license.


Here's a sweet little downloadable freeware program that will generate Sudoku puzzles at various levels of difficulty that you can either play on your pc or save and print to png image format:

Simple Sudoku

You can make your own from scratch with it or download a couple extra small files for advanced games.

What is quite nice is you can load them into your graphics program (I used (Irfanview)and print them out to your required size. I just printed out a nice clean 3 X 5. What fun and oh the possibilities.

I hesitate to upload one as a template example here, as I'm not sure about the licensing for redistributing online any saved games. It's licensed as FREE but for "private use". Anyway, very simple, fun and flexible to use and create your own.

A useful and distracting little time-killer of the perfect size that you could quickly pull out while traveling, waiting in a doctor's office etc or just to have a few of to give away..


I like acrostics. A good one may take a half hour to an hour to do, about the time you spend sitting in some waiting rooms.


Here's a neat directory of printable games (crosswords, word-searches, number and logic puzzles and more). They are in gif format. Right click and save them to your computer, then size them to your preference in your graphics program.

Printable SuDoku puzzles, too!