PR checkbox on ToDo list

Hi all,

I've just found out DIYPlanner and I'd like to congratulate you for this very nice tool.

I have a rather dumb question about the TODO form: each action has an associated "PR" checkbox. What does it mean ?



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The mysterious "PR" field

PR = PRiority on several of the forms, for those people using that system. (Hmmm, think that's somewhere deep within the handbook.) Some people use a 1-5 PR system, popular among the Palm crowd. Some people use a combo letter+number system, others use a star or symbol, and then there's the plain old ABC scheme.

People following Covey often use priorities, whereas GTD folks tend not to. Ultimately, the DiyP templates are all about allowing users to create a system that works for them, and so a few things are left ambiguous... the idea is to give prompts and ideas, not impose a rigid structure.

Hope that helps.

all my best,