How to print the Classic

I've just downloaded the Classic / A5 pdfs (1 up and 2 up versions).

I would like to know how to actually go about printing them. Should i print the 1 up back to back?

Also what good is a 2 up A5 template. I'm sorry i dont see the light on this one...



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What good is the 2 up

I use the 2 up Classic sheets. The classic is 1/2 of a Letter sheet, so I can print 2 pages, and cut them apart. It is for people who do not have access, or want to pre cut paper before printing.

Printing Classic/A5

I'm not sure if I understand your question. I personally print off the odd pages first, flip the paper over in the printer, and print the even pages.

To get started, please have a look at the Beginner's Guide. You'll find plenty of advice, and links to pertinent pages of the site and handbook which will answer most of your questions.

Jordan's right: the 2-ups are mainly for those people who can't find classic or A5 paper, or whose printers can't print those sizes (such as a lot of older office printers). Print two on one sheet and then cut.

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Hello, I'm sorry for not

I'm sorry for not putting my thoughts down properly. My confusion was figuring out two things.
1] How to print on both sides of the paper. Thanks to dougj that is now clarified.
2] What is the use of printing a 2 up version. - Thanks to jordanjm this too is now clarified.

After exploring the site a bit more, i realized that the hipster is a more relevant size for me to use.

Thanks for the inputs,
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