The Care and Feeding of Your Hipster PDA

Well, it's finally here! Version 3 of the D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition has arrived and the wires are burning up from people all over the world downloading it, the hippest thing in paper-based planning since Gutenburg got leather pants. It should be obvious from even a cursory glance at the new Hipster that Doug Johnston is hard-working and dedicated and marginally unbalanced. At least, he was by the time he finished it. I noted a marked deterioration in Doug's mental faculties during the course of this project, as sleep became less and less frequent. A couple days ago, near the end, I contacted him to ask what I should write my article on for this week. What I got back was a semi-coherent and extremely impassioned rant, something about "I shall avenge thee, Richard Nixon!" So, I guess I'm on my own this week.

Today I'm going to be talking about taking care of your Hipster PDA. For those of you new to the world of the Hipster, there are several important care and maintainance tips you should be aware of. For example:

  • Unless you've laminated it, your Hipster is not automatically waterproof and is not suitable for underwater planning.
  • You should talk to your planner, pet it, tell it it is a good planner and a happy planner. Much like a growing house plant, your Hipster will grow and evolve over time and it's important that you talk to it and encourage it. Note: If your Hipster talks back to you, it may be a sign of mental illness. Consult a health care professional.
  • Please print your Hipster on recycled paper, becaue we're running out of trees. Thank you.
  • You can use your Hipster for a Festivus Log. Fans of Seinfeld will remember that Festivus (The holiday for the rest of us) is an alternative to Christmas, designed by George Costanza's father. Instead of gathering around a Christmas tree and sharing the warmth of the holiday season, the whole family gathers around the Festivus Pole and shares the many ways the others have disappointed them over the past year. Although there is no dedicated template for it, I would suggest using your Hipster to record the ways your family disappoints your over the course of the year. When Festivus comes, you can whip out your Hipster and categorically list off all the ways your family has let you down. Won't your loved ones be impressed?
  • If your planner is hot to the touch, it may be on fire. Consult your local fire department.
  • In spite of what the name would suggest, the Hipster PDA does not necessary make you hip. A number of people throughout history have been hip despite not using paper-based planning. Some non-planning hipsters on note include James Dean, Socrates, Robin Hood and Mr. Miagi, from the Karate Kid movies. A quick glance at this list will show that all of these people are dead, which goes to show you the importance of paper-based planning. Yes, it does. Think about it.

Well, that's all from me this week. Enjoy your new Hipsters, everyone. Until next time, keep your pen on the page and your Hipster above water.

Steve Sharam
For my thoughts on politics, relationships and society and other unhelpful things, tune into

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Another Addition

In addition to Steve's wonderful care tips, I'd also like to offer the following suggestion.

Please do not feed your HipsterPDA past midnight. No matter how much it begs, cries and whines; never feed it past midnight. Laboratory studies have shown that weird and potentially dangerous things happen to the HipsterPDA when it eats after midnight.

Thank you.


Beware the data gremlins!

Steve Sharam

The need for human companionship...

I'd also like to mention that an Hipster can become very confused, disoriented, and unruly the longer it has gone without human companionship. It is a good idea to regularly adjust the cards, address any subjects of concern that the Hipster may have, and sort the cards into their proper order. Many of the cards in a Hipster have been known to resort to bullying in order to appear at the front of the pack and in some cases this has led to a kind of revolution in which the cards are recklessly strewn about an office or home. Getting them all to work together again can be quite a chore. Just a word to the wise. :)

With work it's best to just start.

Good point.

Thank you, a very good point. ONce again, it's all about relationships. May I suggest sending the bad cards to the corner for a while and letting the good cards eat cookies and watch t.v.?

Steve Sharam