Folding Cover Instructions


  • 1/ Review diagram before cutting.
  • 2/ Decide on whether you wish the optional inside pocket (C) and/or the optional grey strips, (1 & 3) used to protect tabbed cards.

  • With_pocket

  • 3/ If using the optional pocket decide on your form factor. If half-height, cut off top half and leave the bottom (with the grey tab)(Y). If half-width, make a vertical cut where indicated. (X) Slash pockets can be cut however makes sense.
  • 4/ Cut out the rest of the design, leaving all necessary tabs. Keep the discards handy for reference.
  • Without_pocket

  • 5/ Fold the inner pocket. (C) Glue or tape the outside edge of the grey tab (3) for a half-height pocket. Fold over the black tab (2) to secure the pocket and trim. Glue or tape.
  • 6/ Fold the top edge of the back cover, (B & BB) and --packing your desired number of cards inside-- fold over the top cover. (You can use the fold indicator on the printout. to estimate 25-35 cards.) Trim bottom edge of cover (A) to size of cards.

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