NEW Levenger Compact Compendium Kit

I know a lot of you DIYers out there love the Circa Compact so I just wanted you to know that Levenger has a new Compact Compendium on their website.
For $20 (a $75 value) you get elements to create up to five compact Circa notebooks plus accessories.
• 5 sets of front-and-back translucent covers
• 35 3/4-inch Circa discs in black, enough for 5 notebooks
• 300 white ruled sheets
• 300 white grid sheets
• 5 plastic business card holders, each with 4 card pockets
• 2 sets of 5 Multicolored Plastic Tab Dividers, in soft shades of blue, green, brown, tan and violet
• Smooth, sturdy 60 lb text stock
• Compact paper, 3 3/4 x 6 3/4
• Compact covers, 4 1/8W x 7H

Enjoy all ~

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Not that new

It appeared just before Christmas.
Paranoid-me thinks it is their way of clearing out all the leftover Compact stuff.
Contrarywise, it may be an attempt to revive interest in it.

It is a definite bargain.
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Discontinuing Compact?

When I was in the DC Levenger store last week while on a business trip, I asked why I couldn't find some of the Compact items online or in the store. I was told that they were discontinuing the Compact size, but would probably continue to offer the refills for a while. Better stock up now.

its tempting me to order.

its tempting me to order. all those goodies for a reasonable rate. i have the punch and circa compact is a very convenient size. when they stop carrying it (if thats the route they choose) these goodies will hold me for years...

temptation.... is... knocking....

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I bought a set.

This was a great deal for 20 bucks. I've had it for a couple of weeks, but I didn't finish, or nearly finished, assembling them today (My job really cuts into my day.) I have about four different types of notebooks for keeping notes on different subjects. This will allow me to consolidate everything to Levenger Junior and compact only, just two formats.
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I just ordered one this

I just ordered one this weekend. I've been eyeing it since before Christmas and was very frightened when it disappeared for a couple weeks. I figure it'll be a great size for keeping up with my purchases and transactions. Right now I'm using the memo size notebook I got off ebay. I've been considering ordering the 300 page refill that's on there now, but I'll probably end up switching to the compact stuff for random whatever notes. And if I don't use all the discs, BONUS. I can use them for other sizes.

I just CAN'T pass up a good deal like that.

I ordered two of these.

Used the gift card I got with my order of the simply irrestible sampling kit. Worth the extra step to get the sampling kit for the cost of shipping - if you are thinking about buying a couple of these.


aww shucks

I missed my window of opportunity, didn't I? /pout/

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Ya snooze, ya looze :)

Google cache sez it was available at Jan 28, 2010 04:57:43 GMT
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

New and BETTER kit now available

Check out and click on SALE/CIRCA. It's the first item and this is what is included:
Circa Compact Companion
Price: $19.95
A compact Circa compilation
Here's a Circa kit with the components to create up to 5 compact notebooks. We include 35 Circa discs of varying sizes and colors that accommodate a varied number of pages, so you can use each compact notebook for a different purpose.
5 sets of front-and-back translucent covers
300 white ruled refill sheets
300 white grid refill sheets
7 red 1-inch Circa Discs, which can hold up to 150 sheets
14 white 3/4-inch Circa Discs, which can hold up to 120 sheets
7 blue 3/4-inch Circa Discs, which can hold up to 120 sheets
7 black 1/2-inch Circa Discs, which can hold up to 80 sheets
Paper size, 3 3/4W x 6 3/4H

I ordered one because it's nice to have a notebook that size in my purse and I'm sick of spirals that fall apart.

Not better, but still a good deal I would say.

Looks like it is short a couple of items that were in the December package. Business card holders (5) and tabbed dividers (2 sets) The disk selection is more varied - 35 black 3/4" disks were in the one from December.


that's cool

but I'm glad I got the first one because all my discs are the same and I can therefore use them for different-sized notebooks. I used some of the ones I got with the compendium for index cards and a junior.