Pretty Floral Week at a Glance

These are 2 slightly different spreads of a week at a glance, with a purplish floral embellishment. The days of the week go vertically down, with columns across the pages for different things.

There are boxes on each day to write in the dates. I am not sure how to make this into a form that others could type text w/ nice fonts into.

Come see more designs on my blog:

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Week at Glance 1 Blank Purple.gif
Usage advice: 

The first form has the columns labeled as such: 1) To Do This Week; 2) Appointments; 3) To Each Day; 4) Lunch & Dinner Plans; 5) Health Log; and 6) Accomplishments!

The second form has no labels for the columns except for the first one on the very left: To Do This Week.

This is made to print landscape on 8-1/2 x 11 paper (be sure to print the same image on both sides of paper, making sure the 'top' is facing the same direction), and then to cut in half to 'Classic Size' before 3-hole punching or comb-binding.

This is what I am using now, and it has been very useful so far. :)

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This is a pdf file, although I originally made it in PagePlusSE.
Pretty Floral Week at Glance.pdf79.38 KB
Pretty Floral Week at Glance 1.pdf78.3 KB
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Wow that's great looking,

Wow that's great looking, thanks for sharing!

I love it

Thank you I love this page