Feb 2010 Daily Calendar Pages - Letter size

Daily calendar pages for Feb 2010 with columns for "Priority To Do" and "Want to Do," as well as an "Appointments" column with times (my day starts at 4:45am so the first time row is 4am). There is a small area to write in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I'll upload March after I have used this template for awhile and see if I need to do some tweaking.

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I'm sorry for the wonky margins. OpenOffice Draw (and the consequent pdf that I make from it) is pushing the entire page to the right by one-quarter inch, and I cannot figure out why. So I'm just manually adjusting for it.

I included both the .odg and a .pdf version.

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Either Adobe Reader or OpenOffice Draw. I've uploaded both files.
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sooo good. when u will give

sooo good.

when u will give us the March?? how about the whole year?2010

This is amazing. Thank you

This is amazing. Thank you so much!

Upload of March 2010

Thanks so much, this is exactly the type of calender I was looking for. When do you think you will have March, or even the rest of the year uploaded?

Thank you

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments. :) They really made me smile.

I've uploaded March, and I found that I needed a place to put things like "Carla's Birthday" or "Honey out of town" so I added a small notes area.

I'm only uploading one month at a time because it takes awhile to find quotes that I like to add to the days. So each month takes a little over an hour to make. That's why it's going so slowly.

Thanks again for the lovely comments.

March ...

is here
just in case anyone has a problem finding it :)
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