fountain pen help!?!

I know you're not supposed to put india/drawing ink in fountain pens...but it accidentally happend. Now, the ink has dried in the nib...any thoughts/methods of how to clean it out so my pen will function again?

Thanks, ahead of time! All ideas will be greatly appreciated...I'd hate to lose my waterman :(

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What brand/model of pen ?

You may have to disassemble it to clean the ink out of all the little nooks and crannies.
Have you tried asking on the Fountain Pen Network ?
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Go ask the FPN. Someone will

Go ask the FPN. Someone will have an answer for you, or an address of someone who can clean the thing for you for a fee.

I second the suggestion

I second the suggestion about posting on the fountain pen network.

Make sure to mention the material the pen is made of.

Pen cleaning solution

From my mechanical drawing days many decades ago, I remember pen cleaning solution being available for drafting pens. However, whether that solution is safe to use in a fountain pen is beyond me. The advice to consult FPN is the best avenue.

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