Meetings Page with Larger Notes Section

A tweak to my first meeting page template. This one doesn't have the 'prep' area, so it leaves more room for notes for those really long meetings! Feel free to use either of them.

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Components & Usage...

Room to write description of the meeting, i usally write the date as well. Can be used for team meetings or meetings with individuals. Also a box with processed - after a meeting i transfer notes and actions to my diary and planner system and then file this sheet.

A fairly big notes section for joting down stuff that comes up at the meeting or just doodling if it's a really boring meeting!

Action Section
A place to write all the actions that have come out of the meeting.

There are two identical pages in the pdf so you can print double sided.

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adobe reader, preview, etc
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I've been floundering

With trying different combinations of meeting pages with no good results.

This looks like a good one!



Not sure if you're still checking the comments regarding this post but when I came across your post I felt like I just found what I was missing for a long time.
Now, since my native language is not English, I tend to translate the forms that can be found on this page. In your case, though, I wasn't able to identify the font you were using, so I have two questions:
a) would you allow me to change the language of the "titles" on this form? The design remains the same, so the author's rights would not be violated :o)
b) in case the answer on previous question is positive, could you tell the name of the font used?
Finally, many thanks for sharing your work and greetings from Slovenia!

Hi... your right, I haven't

Hi... your right, I haven't checked out DIY Planner in a long time... mainly because i've turned to technology for all my tools. But feel free to use & change whatever you need. I'm pretty sure the font i used was Helvetica.

Thanks & sorry for the late reply!