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I just found these new notebooks at Behance. An "Action Cahier" and an "Action Journal".

The Cahier looks exactly like a moleskine cahier in both size, paper weight, and the little "non-folder" on the back flap. The goodies are inside... Left side of page is the light dot grid of Behance and the right is the Action squares. I purchased the teal, but it comes in orange as well. All pages are perforated for easy removal.

The Journal is 6X8". Inside left page is the dot grid again. Right page is the full Action Sheet of Behance (action squares, more dot grid and the backburner square). All pages are perforated for easy removal. The back flap contains a very nice expanding pocket.

Pictures in the DIYPlanner pool at Flickr:

Behance Web site:

Just thought I would share my lastest find!

nay nay

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They look good.....

Thanks for showing us these nay nay. I've had my eye on them and there is one supplier of Behance goods in the UK with these new items arriving in March.

Have you written in them yet? You say the weight of paper is about the same as Moleskine (not a paper I'm impressed by) but I would probably only write in these with pencil, ballpoint or liquid ink at worst. How will they fare do you think?

Thanks again


The local Barnes and Noble

The local Barnes and Noble is stocking Behance products now. They had the action cahiers/journals, the padded paper and the dot grid cahiers and journals and a few other things that I can't remember.