March 2010 Daily Calendar Pages - Letter size

Daily calendar pages for March 2010 with columns for "Priority To Do" and "Want to Do," as well as an "Appointments" column with times (my day starts at 4:45am so the first time row is 4am). There is a small area to write in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I've added a "Notes for Today" area to put things like "Hubby out of town" or "Jane's Birthday."

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I'm sorry for the wonky margins. OpenOffice Draw (and the consequent pdf that I make from it) is pushing the entire page to the right by one-quarter inch, and I cannot figure out why. So I'm just manually adjusting for it.

The .pdf file was larger than 2mb, so I included a link to it.

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OpenOffice Draw for the uploaded odg file. Adobe Reader for the linked pdf file.
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Do you have Adobe Acrobat ?

It has an Optimizer tool in it.
I ran your 2.1 MB file through it and got a 744KB file
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Thank you so much, ygor.

Thank you so much, ygor. You're always a fount of knowledge. :)

I've been using doPDF to make the pdf's but obviously it's bloating them a bit. I'll ask my husband to load Adobe Acrobat on my computer when he gets home from his business trip and I'll make new pdf files.

My honey doesn't have

My honey doesn't have Acrobat, but I dl'ed PDFCreator which makes a .pdf filesize of around 1.75mb. It's not as tiny as Acrobat can make, but it's free. :) I've decided not to make a new March .pdf but I'm using it on all the months from April onward.

Thank you again for your advice.