Circa Rollabind Adoc Atoma

Hi all.

I am a new member from the UK on a mission to have the best of both worlds as I plan my new planner system (please forgive any typos ... My fingers are too big for the iPhone keypad)

OK. Here are my initial thoughts ideas and questions

Since I would like to use A4 with circa, I need to accomodate the extra length of A4
Q1 if you punch 11 holes with a circa desk punch onta an A4 sheet. Can you then flip the paper over and re-punch AND get a perfect matchup and twelve perfect holes?

Q2 if I use a circa desk punch, can this punch through the plastic cover material / binder cover? ... thus allowing me to possibly make my own A4 cover

Q3 can anyone from the UK spread any light on examples of recent shipping charges when buying direct from Levenger?

Q4 can anyone now confirm whether or not the new and better desk punch is now being sold by Levenger ?

Q5 does anyone in the UK have a source of where to buy reams of letter size paper?

Q6 Does anyone have any working solutions that use a combination of Adoc/Atoma with Levenger?

Q7 has anyone ever repunched any Levenger accesories/inserts to use in an Adoc/Atoma system?

Well guys, just a few starter questions to help me in my quest. Any contributions very welcome !

Kind regards, Bryn (North Wales)

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A couple of answers


On q1, centering is up to you. The punch itself has an adjustable slide so you can tweak in the setting you want.

On q2, yes, it can punch through thin stuff .020" is about the thickest I have done with any comfort. Thicker stuff is *extremely* difficult to punch and can result in your having to spend a half hour trying to remove stuck plastic from your device.

That's all I have insight on, as I'm not in the UK and haven't tried Adoc/Atoma.


You could try the Rollabind punch, instead of Levenger's

As I remember, the main difference was an additional punch on the Rollabind punch (12 total instead of 11). That may accommodate A4 and allow you to skip the centering/flipping issue.

I'd be curious to here about combinations of Adoc/Atoma and Levenger/Rollabind since the mushrooms are different shapes. If you get any good ideas, please share.

Good luck on your pursuits...

Older threads re UK and Circa

Hi Bryn

these threads may be of some use, although some of them are quite old Levenger shipping punch supply references to UK paper suppliers

Apparently the Levenger eBay shop only sells to customers in the USA.