F.Y.I. - Staples Rolla - Found - Rollabind Punch?

I was traveling through a neighboring city yesterday and stopped by a staples along the road ...

Found the Staples Rolla notebooks there.

Letter size - black - faux leather with 70 sheets lined paper, pocket and tabbed devider - $11.99

Junior size - black and brown - faux lether - same things inside. - $5.99

I asked for a punch - and the clerk said that they have one that will punch 2-7 holes, but not in the store ... kind of funny when the junior takes 8 holes and the letter 11?

I wonder if the rollabind punch will work with these. As I got to looking at the discs for the junior they are rollabind discs. Stamped with rollabind binding system and 3/4" inside measurement? The pages on the junior just say rolla in the bottom corner.

On the letter size, the discs have no markings, but the junior pages interchange just fine. The letter size pages have "rollabind", with trade mark printed on the bottom corner.

Has anyone tried these with the rollabind punch? The letter size discs had no markings at all.

Anyways ... I have attached a few pics for reference ... with part numbers :-).

100_0800.JPG803.42 KB
100_0802.JPG566.87 KB
File.JPG67.78 KB
File0001.JPG63.29 KB
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I use my Levenger punch

I use my Levenger punch with these and have found no problem.

i have a rollabind punch and

i have a rollabind punch and a rolla notebook from staples (junior size) and have had no issues.

my guess is that the manager got it wrong. 2-7 holes doesn't make sense with the rolla products :)

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I have the levenger punch

I have the levenger punch and a couple notebooks using the rolla discs.

They're not quite as smooth as the Circa ones what with all the trademark stamps and the occasional plastic nub from where the discs were pulled apart during fabrication and don't allow for the smoothest flipping of pages, but it's more than bearable for me. It's not something that I struggle with every time I use it - it's more a minor nuisance that you get over and forget about most of the time.

Re: Agreed w/others

I'm using a Levenger desk punch for papers for the Rolla notebooks from Staples and have had no issues.

Agreed w/others

I am familiar with Rollabind, Rolla (staples branded) and Circa (Levinger branded). It is all the same product. All beginning with Rollabind. Levingers has their rings made at a separate location than Rollabind/Staples. Punches all the same. Let me know if you need cheap rings, refills, covers, books...we manufacture

And who, please, is "We" ?

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second that question. and

second that question. and prices? Source?