DIY Forms for Writers

I've been making all kinds of custom pages for my Circa notebooks, particularly for my writing. If there's any interest in them, I'll be glad to post the templates.

So far, I've got:

- Scene Builder - for putting together those foggy images of random scenes for particular novels or just scene ideas in general.

- Problem Scenes - for pinning down what's wrong with a scene and evaluating whether or not you really need it.

- Stall Solvent - for those tricky spots that you're not sure what to do with, including space for noting how to get from the scene or segment before to the one after. Also space to note what needs to happen to accomplish what you want to accomplish with this scene or segment.

- Organizational Manuscript Planning Fold-Out - this is probably something that only I would need, but could be useful for those who want to consider using an organizational manuscript for planning your novel. (I HAVE to do this or I would STAY lost in my own writing.)

I'm sure I'll keep coming up with more. I've also started using a Cornell/annotation-style format for editing.

Again, if there's any interest in this, let me know and I'll post the templates. They're nothing fancy, but I always pretty-up my pages with 30% tint background images. They're all done in Word using tables because I know more of what I'm doing with that than other programs.

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I'd like to see them.

Me, too! Pretty please. ;)

Me, too! Pretty please. ;)

writer's templates

I would also love to see these. As a relatively new writer I am struggling with formats, templates and so on.

make this a third

I'd love to see these.

What's your threshold for release? 5 comments?

Will Post Tomorrow

Cool. I'll post these tomorrow in Word and PDF. :^)

I'm so glad there are so many writers on this site!

I meant to post these

I meant to post these tonight, but forgot that my version of Word won't let me convert documents to PDF format (I may just not be seeing how to do it), so I'll have to convert them at work. Will post tomorrow. :^)

So far, I've used the scene builder for a new scene that popped into my head recently (which is why I created the form in the first place) and it really helped me to see it and to start forming it without risking the loss of any of the ideas to burned-out brain cells (a tragedy that occurs much more often the older I get). Looks like these will work well.

Free PDF writer!

I got this on LifeHacker yesterday:

Could come to good use for all of us. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing your templates.



by the way, I downloaded

by the way, I downloaded this little program and it's great! Thank you for telling us about it.


I've got all these posted now and I'm sure they'll be up on the Templates Directory soon. :^) Hope they're helpful to y'all.

...and published

They all look great.
Nice work
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thanks ygor

Nice (writers') forms!

Helps the inspiration on. :-)